• Unique Gongfu Tea Cups

    Unique Gongfu Tea Cups

    Unique Gongfu Tea Cups

    Drinking tea in Gongfu Tea Ceremony.
    Drinking tea in Gongfu Tea Ceremony.

Gongfu Tea Cups

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  • Inner Fish Gongfu Tea Cup
    The Blue-white porcelain teacups are made in Longquan city, Zhejiang province and famous for their fine texture, elegant design, glistening glaze and graceful pattern. The hand-drawing carp inside of the teacups is convex, which makes it looks vivider and alive under water. There are 12 colors of this kind of teacup. The bottom is triangular with three stone blocks supporting the cup. It has two specifications. One is 70mm in diameter, 2mm in height, 50ml in volume and 50g in weight. The other is 70mm in diameter, 30mm in height, 50ml in volume and 50g in weight.
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  • Clear Procelain Gongfu Tea Cup
    Hand-printed hat cups are made of ceramic and produced in Dehua county, Fujian province, China. They have 5 patterns: plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and lotus, which are all printed by skillful craftsmen The specification of our cups is 8.5 cm in caliber, 3.5cm in height and 60ml in volume. The texture is very thin, just like paper and you can tell by its transparency, which means much more difficulty to make it. The printed patterns are coated with vitreous enamel to make it safe and healthy for using ,and it feels smooth to touch and the color won't be changed or fade.
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