African Padauk Wood Movable Tea Table With Chairs

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Chinese tea table is a teaware that used for brewing tea, washing tea items, pumping and drawing water. Chinese people like to drinking tea and tasting the true meaning of life when brew tea on a gongfu tea table. Tea table also is a tool for drinking tea. With it, drinking tea will be more enjoyable. The tea brewing process is complicated, but you can brewing tea on it more easily. African Padauk Wood Movable Tea Table With Chairs is actually a multi-functional table. It not only will provide an elegant platform to display your tea set, tea and tea accessories when in use. It also makes a ideal gift for tea lover, because to stand it on office or house, it will be a perfect decoration and a table to entertain guest. Gongfu tea table is the most representative ceremony in China's ancient tea culture. This is not only because tea has a health-care function in many respects, but since ancient times, tea has the artistic conception of "waiting for a gentleman and clearing the body". Therefore, own this gongfu tea table to brew tea will be the most healthy way to drink tea.


Made of: African Padauk Wood

Includes: 1 Kung Fu tea table, 3 Chairs, 1 Stainless Steel Teapot, 1 Stainless Steel Wash Pot, 1 Induction Cooker.

Kung Fu Tea Table: Length 80 cm (31.5"), Width 49 cm (19.29"), Height 73 cm (28.74").

Chair: Length 35 cm (13.78"), Width 29 cm (11.42"), Height 40 cm (15.75").

Once your order has placed, it would take about 10-15 days to make and produce the tea table and chairs, and we will ship them out in next 48 hours then. The shipping time would take 9-15 days. So we hope you can be patient to wait for it.

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The reason why I bought this tea table is that I love to drink tea very much, and I also like to buy things about tea very much, which causes my tea room to be very disordered. This small tea table just solves this problem, and it is enough to put all my things about tea, and it will not be disorderly. Small drawers are very practical. The only disadvantage is that I think it's better to have one of the two shelves below as a cabinet, so that when there are many things, they won't fall. If your space is limited, I highly recommend that you buy this style of tea table, because it will not waste your space.
Review by paul / (Posted on 11/5/2019)

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