Anhua Dark Tea

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Brewing difficillty: Genefal difficulty.
Best season to taste: Summer.
Origin: Baishaxi of Anhua County in Hunan Province.
Shape: strips folded into loach-shaped, with dark brown color.
Liquid: bright red yellow.
Aroma: thick, with hidden fragrant of pine smoke.
Taste: thick, slightly astringent, with clear taste of bacteria flowers.
Brewed tea leaves: fairly thick and old, blue brown, yellow brown or dark brown.
Weight: 1000 g (36 oz)
Color: The high quality of Anhua Dark tea is black and shiny while the bad quality of Anhua dark tea is red, brown, dark and with other kinds of colors.
Tea soup: the liquid of high quality of Anhua Dark tea is bright with luster, resistant to infiisions, while that of poor quality of Anhua Dark tea is turbid and with impurities, nonresistant to infusions.
Taste: High-quality has the strengths of pure aroma, mellow taste and the fragrance of pine smoke while the inferior is astringent with bitter or other taste.
Brewing method: pure drinking or mixed drinking.
Water temperature: boiling water.
Brewing tea: tea moistening is necessary.
Tea sets: purple sand teapot and tureen is most suitable.


Anhua Dark tea is one of the ancient famous Chinese tea. It is mainly sold to the frontier areas and primarily the minorities living in the northwest China. Therefore the tea is called "frontier tea". It includes Qianliang tea, Fu tea, Tianjian tea and so on. And Qianliang tea is recognized as excellent tea. Qianliang tea got its name because the net weight of every volume tea is one thousand liang according to tfie old scale. The tea absorbs the air and the essence of the sun and the moon. The sunshine and the dew are the key of the tea quality.

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