Black Clay Stripes Tea Washer

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What does the Black Clay Stripes Tea Washer used for? The tea washer is used for sterilizing and cleaning the tea cups tools by boiled water. In the tea ceremony, the tea cups must be cleaned up before use to drink tea. At first, put all the gongfu tea cups in the the tea washer, and pour the boiled water into the tea washer to warm and wash the tea cups. Then, the tea cups can be used for drink tea so that you could get the best flavor of the tea. And in addition, Black Clay Stripes Tea Washer also could be used for cleaning and disinfecting. As we all know that the tea cups to put for a long time, it will inevitably to be dirty. Looking at such dirty, it absolutely will decrease the interests of people in enjoying tea. Before drinking tea, we have to put tea cups into tea washer, and then pour boiling water into, slightly to turn the tea cups. And now the purpose of washing cup is got. However, at this time, the purpose is slightly to please the tea cups in boiling water, not to wash it cleaning and bright, only for disinfecting. And then to pour tea water into cups to drink. Only in this way, it will let people rest assured. Last but not the least, Black Clay Stripes Tea Washer also could be used to preheating for tea set. So the higher temperature the tea set is, the better tea tasty you will get.


Made Of: Purple-Clay.

Wash Bowl: Width 16 cm (6.3), Height 6.5 cm (2.6").


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Good product
I highly recommend this tea washer, it is much better quality than the price would indicate. Exactly what i needed exactly as described, It does a thorough job rinsing the cup. This tea washer has made my brewing tea life so much easier. The tea washer is a good size for my needs and can be used to wash else tool. I'm pleased with this purchase.
Review by Mrs McQ / (Posted on 1/25/2021)

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