Black Stone Tea Tray With Cobblestone Pond

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The tea tray, also known as the Chachuan (tea ship) and Chaxi (tea wash), it is a essencial item for gongfu tea and gongfu tea ceremony. This gongfu tea tray is used for brewing tea in the traditional Chinese Gong Fu style. It is used for carrying the tea set, tea and other tea accessories. Also you can pour the waste tea water on the tea tray directly, the tea tray has a pipe in the right lower corner to drain the waste water into a connected waste tea bucket. So you can enjoy making tea with Black Stone Tea Tray With Cobblestone Pond. This tea tray will provide an elegant platform to display your tea set, tea and tea accessories when in use. It is perfect for afternoon tea and make it easier to serve tea. Get it! It will draws all eyes to your tea set. It also makes a ideal gift for tea lover.


Weight: 12 kg.

Made of: Black Stone.

Dimension: Length 65 cm (25.6"), Width 32 cm (12.6"), Height 3 cm (1.18").

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Quality materials
I have a wooden tea plate, which follows me for many years. Later, I found that it was rotten and would attract annoying cockroaches. I had to give it up. I think the tea plate of this stone plate is more thoroughly cleaned, and it is fully flat and large enough to accommodate many of my tea sets. I like it very much, and I am satisfied overall.
Review by Ralph / (Posted on 11/4/2019)
worth the price
The reason why I chose this tea tray is because of its simple and artistic design. The taste of one person represents one's thoughts. I prefer to use simple things. The middle of the matte slate looks very high grade, and the whole thing is very clean.The quality is very good, I think it will stay with me all the time, because I really can't see which position is vulnerable.The price is not cheap, but the goods are of good quality and worth the price.
Review by Lvan / (Posted on 11/3/2019)

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