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Tea Ceremony Tea Customs

The Rites of Tea

A civilization of more than five thousand years gave birth to the rites and ceremonies of China, China is also called the “State of Rites and Propriety”, Needless to say. the rites of China have deeply influenced the evolution of tea culture. The father of Chinese rites was the famous philosopher Confucius. His thoughts on […]

Tea Ceremony Tea Customs

Tea Rites in Daily Life

Folk customs, an important component part of national culture,showed the psychological characteristics of a nation. In the past, they had distinctive local features. It is truly said that “Ten li apart, but the customs are quite different.” Customs were colorful and varied in attitude, which is often ignored. However, they reflected profound cultural psychologies. The […]

Tea Ceremony Tea Customs

Tea Custom

Tea custom refer to the social custom and habits focusing on tea or carried on by tea that have gradually taken shaped during the long-term social life. Tea custom show different characteristics of different regions, and different classes, and different periods. Traditional tea custom of China vary with actual conditions and can be divided into […]

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