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Tea Wares

Nice Utensils For Tea

Speaking of tea apparatus, they were inseparable from eating apparatus before Tang Dynasty. With the popularity of drinking tea, tea apparatus were getting more and more delicate. Lu Yu alone has mentioned over 20 kinds of apparatus and tools for tea picking, producing, containing, baking, cooking and drinking. The porcelain industry rapidly developed In Tang […]

Tea Wares

Contemporary American Interpretations

Among the consequences of the information age is the abundance of resources available to all, making our time one of the most phenomenal periods ever of intercultural growth. Greater accessibility of travel to distant places, satellites that beam pictures from remote corners of the globe, all forms of mass communication bringing distant cultures within our […]

Tea Wares

A Collection of Yixing Ware

My introduction to Yixing ware came in 1981 during my time in graduate school. On a visit to Rochester, new York, I saw the collection of Marguerite Antell. The teapots in her collection at once redefined and expanded my understanding of what a teapot could be. Two years later I acquired my first Yixing teapot. […]

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