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Green Teas Tea

Tan Huong LT Green Tea

Translation: Name of the growing cooperative and the name of the cultivar Region: Thai Nguyen Harvest season: March to November Cultivar: LT Tan Huong LT tea comes from the Thai Nguyen region north of Hanoi. Tea is the principal crop here, and the garden is well tended Indeed, almost every family in this rural region […]

Green Teas Tea

Kabusecha Kawase Green Tea

Translation: Shaded tea and the name of the grower Production area: Shizuoka Prefecture Harvest season: Early May Cultivar: Yabukita Like Gyokuro tea, Kabusecha is a shade-grown tea cultivated in gardens that are covered by canopies for about two weeks before the leaves are picked As with Gyokuro teas, the goal is to increase the levels […]

Green Teas Tea

Genmaicha Sencha-Matcha Green Tea

Translation: Roasted rice tea, and Sencha-and-Matcha base Production area: Shizuoka Prefecture Harvest season: From spring to fall, depending on the type of tea desired Cultivar: Yabukita Genmaicha tea is a mixture of tea leaves and roasted and popped grains of rice. It was originally a beverage drunk by the poor; who supplemented their tea with […]

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