British Tea Sets

Tea is still Britain's favorite beverage, despite competition from coffee and soft drinks, although consumption is declining very slightly. The average Briton drinks approximately 3.32 cups of tea a day - down from 3.88 cups in 1984. Some people start each day with at least one cup of tea and drink tea at work— in morning and afternoon breaks and sometimes at lunchtime; and afternoon tea is still an essential part of British life. Few people drink tea in the evenings and the U.K. Tea Council once launched a promotional program with the catering trade in order to encourage restaurants to offer tea as a healthy alternative to coffee after meals.

Since the early 1980s, there has been a new surge of interest in the 'ceremony' of Afternoon Tea, and tea shops, tea-rooms, and hotel tea lounges are thriving. Foreign visitors and Britons alike are enjoying the elegance and style of tea and teatime.

Yet, in many British homes, tea is brewed with tea bags which give a brew that, to connoisseurs, has little taste. However, there are still plenty of people in Britain who know how to brew and serve an excellent cup of tea and, even though consumption is down, there is a growing awareness of the many different sorts of quality tea. One company that has made specialty teas more readily available is Whittard of Chelsea who have opened retail stores in all major shopping malls and main streets. As well as an excellent range of single source and blended teas, the stores sell a colorful selection of tea wares and gift packs. Twinings' original store at 216 Strand, London, dates back to 1706 and continues to delight visitors with its range of teas, tea wares, and tea books and, of the walls, portraits of past members of the Twinings family.

For many people in Britain, it is still tea that they turn to when there are problems to be solved, sympathy to be offered, when the day has been too long or the work too hard, when the winter cold is too severe, or the summer heat too exhausting. Nothing else will do -- it has to be a cup of tea!

We hope you will enjoy browsing our British tea sets collections. Here you will find British tea sets. Create your own pretty eclectic vintage tea set by choosing a selection of collectable British tea sets. This British tea sets is the perfect mingling of the old world and the new. Celebrate the British tradition of teatime with this tea service elegant enough for any Countess or Lady. The taste of tea is enhanced when you serve with British tea sets. They will offer traditional romance with a touch of the British countryside.

British tea sets featured in gold-gilted rim of the mouth of the cup and beautiful patterns.

Tea cups: Traditional black tea cups have large-size and round mouth, which helps the black tea to spread its aroma. When it was first introduced from the eastern world to the the western world, it has no handle. Handle originates from the western world.

Tea spoon: according to the customs of the elite society, tea spoon should be put 45°left in the tray.

Strainer: before pouring the tea, you should put the strainer on the cup to filter the tea leaves, which is very convenient and elegant.

Granulated sugar jar: the jar is about the same size with the wild-mouth bottle. The jar has a lid. If you add a spoon of granulated sugar to the black tea, the tea will become more delicious.

Wild-mouth milk bottle: scald it with hot water before using this bottle. Then, add some fresh cool milk to balance the temperature. Finally, pour black tea into the bottle.