Broken Black Tea

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Brewing difficulty: Easy
Best season to taste: Autumn
Origin: Xishuqngbanna in Yunnan Province, Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province, Hainan Province and other places
Shape: dry tea is granular and tight, dark brown.
Liquid: brilliant red.
Aroma: sharp and thick.
Taste: strong and tasty.
Brewed tea leaves: scarlet.
Weight: 100 g (3.53 oz)
Recognizing: The real broken tea is granular, black and lustering, and featured with stout and regular particles, red and concentrated liquid, and fresh and cool aroma.
Amount of tea: compared with other tea, the amount of tea is rather small in limited infusions.
Brewing method: the broken black tea can be added with lemon, apple and kumquat to mix. It has a distinctive flavor.


Broken black tea is the staple products of the international tea market. It currently accounts for about 80% of the worlds total tea exports. India produces and exports the greatest volume of broken black tea. This kind of tea sells high in the international market.

C.T.C broken black tea as tea bag

CTC broken black tea is produced in Dadugang tea factory of Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province. It is suitable for making tea bag. It is pretty good to mix with milk, sugar and lemon. C.T.C broken black tea is cut up after fully fermentation. The tea is easily leaching rapidly and thoroughly, and so it doesn't fit for repeat infusions.

Brewing black tea in a simple mixed method

Preparation of tea sets / porcelain cup, milk, white sugar
Preparation of water / about 95℃ boiling water
Selection of tea / black tea bag

1. Directly pour about 1/3 water into the cup.

2. Put the black tea bag into the cup, pull the thread to stir up and down after 1 to 2 minutes, and then take out the tea bag.

3. Add proper amount of milk.

4. Add sugar and stir gently with a spoon.

Tea About

1 Fresh milk is a top choice. Such mixed tea tastes sweet and mellow.

2 For the infusion of tea bag, inject water first and then put the tea bag with the cotton label outside the cup. Otherwise, it will affect the taste and the cotton label is easily flushed into the cup.

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