Cha He (Tea Holders)

It is like a lotus leaf, and its shape mostly is hemispherical mouth, often used in sado for guests to appreciate dry tea. Tea holder is good tea art as well as tea craft, both functional and artistic.


Mainly to appreciate tea, but also used in these ways: temporarily contain the dry tea being taken out of teapot; and after people enjoy the color and shape of the tea, the tea would be put into the teapot. Besides, people also slightly crush tea in tea holder, in order to increase the concentration of liquid.


There are a variety of shapes: roundness, semi-circular, curved, etc. Tea holder’s material also varied, such as porcelain, bamboo, wood, stone.

Wise selection

The best choice is to buy porcelain tea holder, better setting off the nature and the color of tea. If there is no tea holder during family tea drinking, hard texture of cardboard folded can be made in the shape of tea holder instead.


1 Used to appreciate dry tea for guests.

2 People should not touch the gap site when fetch tea leaves, in order to make tea leaves clean and hygienic.

3 When guests enjoy tea, the left thumb and the other four fingers should hold the tea holder, with right hand holding the bottom.

The tea holders (Cha He) is a kind of tea utensils of Han dynasty, which is also one of six function of tea ceremony, using to place the dry tea waited to brew. All which is could be used as a tea utensil for placing tea, but tea holder also has the higher value of appreciating tea. And in the tea art performance, we often use it to enjoy tea.

The shape of tea holders is mostly in hemispherical with a mouth, using for appreciating the structure of dry tea. In fact tea holder also has a lot of alias. Of course, it is often referred as appreciative tea holder. The material of tea holder is also diversely. It could be made by bamboo, wood, ceramic, and the porcelain. The most generally seen is the white porcelain tea holder.

Using tea holders to move tea leaves from tea caddy into teapot. After be putted into, it could be used to appreciate the color and shape of tea leaves. And on the basis of evaluating the quality of tea leaves and brewing method. Then putting into the teapot. Actually, the good porcelain tea holder itself is handicraft, which is both practical and can be as works of art, together with tea appreciation. Just as said that kill two birds with one stone. In addition, there are also someone prefer to slightly crush tea leaves to increase the thicker of tea water.

When using tea holders to put tea leaves, the hand should be careful not to touch the gap, in order to show the tea is clean and sanitation. The standard pose to take tea holder: the thumb and other four fingers is to be putted on both sides respectively, holding tea holders in escaping. With the other hand to hold bottom, you cold ask gust to enjoy tea under this situation. Of course, there must be sometimes is lack of tea holder, other little supporting disc, or small container without peculiar smell used for placing tea, only at this time, the appreciative will be discounted.

Precautions should be paid to when using tea holder:

1. When taking tea, the hand can not directly contact with gap in tea holder.

2. When bubbling, tea holder should be put on tea table next to the tea tray, not directly put on the tea tray.

3. Tea holder is used for appreciating tea , so its style should be chosen to facilitate pouring tea.

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