Chai Kiln Tea Strainer And Holder

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If using loose leaf tea, a strainer is needed for catching the leaves as the tea is poured into the fair cup tea cup. When tea is brewed in the traditional manner in a teapot, the tea leaves are not contained in teabags, but rather are freely suspended in the water. As the leaves themselves may be distasteful. By using Chai Kiln Tea Strainer And Holder, and puting it on the fair cup, it can prevent the loose tea leaves come into the fair cup and tea soup. Also you can enjoy to drink the tea soup without any loose tea leaves. Enjoy more about the tea's fragrance. It is not unfamiliar for those people who enjoy drinking tea that Tea Strainer is kind of filter screen used when we pour tea water into the Fair cup to filter tea dust. We believe for those experienced tea lover must have felt the affection of Chai Kiln Tea Strainer And Holder, which not only could made tea water more clear, but also easy for us to observe the color of tea water.


Made Of: Pottery Clay.

Dimension Of Tea Strainer: Width 8 cm (3.15"), Height 6 cm (2.36").


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Ideal for use on kung fu tea sets,
These little filters are fantastic! I needed something to strain tea grounds after percolating tea. Sit on the rim of the cup and the strainer is extremely fine so the tea grounds are filtered out perfectly. Ideal for use on kung fu tea sets, so we can taste delicious tea.
Review by Tor Damian Lorentzen / (Posted on 1/31/2019)

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