Chinese Blue Jian Zhan Tea Set With Gold

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Stunningly beautiful Chinese Blue Jian Zhan Tea Set With Gold for those who want to make their tea perfectly, known for its beauty and artistry. Being of elegant style, practical use and artistic value, it is well-known around the world and favored by tea lovers throughout history. This is high-class tea set in terms of quality, style, making technology as well as aesthetic value, which well demonstrate the perfect combination of practical use, cultural value and artistic value. It will bring you the experience of drinking tea in traditional Chinese way, and you will begin to enjoy every nuance of taste and aroma from your tea. Using Chinese Blue Jian Zhan Tea Set With Gold can help adjust your body physically and mentally. When left alone drinking tea, no disturbance there, you can easily calm down and focus your mind on the tea. At that time, you will also find your emotion sublimate with the rising tea aroma. The fragrance of its aroma, the sweetness of its taste, the liquidness of tea, the imagination of its style, the changes of its color, the catchiness of its name, the legendary stories behind it, all of these will give you pleasant thoughts and enjoyment. What's more, it will be a great gift for friends and families, also look great on your shelf or desk!


Material: Jian Zhan With Gold.

Weight: 2.5 kg.

Includes: 6 Tea Cups, 1 Teapot, 1 Fair Cup,1 Gaiwan, 1 Tea Strainer, 1 Tea Washer, 1 Tea Caddy, 1 Tea Utensil Sets.

Teapot: Length 15.4 cm (6.06 inches), Height 8.5 cm (3.35 inches), 200 ml (6.76 oz).

Tea Cups: Length 7.2 cm (2.83 inches), Height 4 cm (1.57 inches), 75 ml (2.54 oz).

Fair Cup: Length 13.3 cm (5.24 inches), Height 7.6 cm (2.99 inches), 200 ml (6.76 oz).

Gaiwan: Length 9.7 cm (3.82 inches), Height 8.9 cm (3.50 inches), 130 ml (4.40 oz).

Tea Washer: Length 16.8 cm (6.61 inches), Height 7.1 cm (2.80 inches), 900 ml (30.45 oz).

Tea Utensil Sets: Length 7.5 cm (2.95 inches), Height 18 cm (7.09 inches).

Tea Strainer: Length 7.9 cm (3.11 inches), Height 4.8 cm (1.89 inches).

Tea Caddy: Length 9.4 cm (3.70 inches), Height 9.7 cm (3.82 inches).

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a very secure package
I love this set! It is so beautiful and the craftsmanship is gorgeous! The cups are perfectly cute and smooth on your hand, no sharp pieces sticking out, which is good. Inside of the teapot is also glazed which is a plus.

I tried brewing tea with it. You must pour slowly to prevent the tea leaking out from the cap. with a little bit of practice the tea can be poured out. I am enjoy this.

It was shipped in a very secure package (each piece wrapped in either bubble wrap or newspaper, then a box, then bubble wrap around the box with an enormous red "fragile" sticker on the side). Overall, I'm pretty impressed. If you are into drinking tea, I highly recommend these.
Review by Alison Woodrow / (Posted on 11/17/2020)

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