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Chun Mee Green Tea is produced in China and referred by the Chinese as precious Eyebrows. The leaves are carefully hand rolled to the shape of eye-brows and then pan-fired. This tea produces a pale yellowish liquid and is known for its plum-like sweetness and smoothness. We offer a special grade Chun Mee that yields more smoothness than the standard grades. This green tea with "twisted" leaves is often called "Old Man's Eyebrows." The leaf is regular, and the taste powerful. After infusing, it remains very clear. It may be drunk with a sprig of mint or spices throughout the day. It can also be taken with a dash of fruit.
Water: 160 F (70℃)
Steeping time: three to four minutes


Weight: 100 g (3.53 oz).

Includes: Tea Leaves, Packing Bag.

Quality Guarantee Period: 24 Months.

Mao Jian is produced among the misty mountains of Zhejiang, Anhui and Henan provinces and literally translates as 'hairy tip'bor 'fur tip'. This is from Zhejiang and has a bright, fresh, clean and rounded character that is refreshing and suits any mood at any time of the day. The long, neat twists of dark, seaweed-green leaf give a vivid, pale lime-green liquor with a complex, slightly sappy aroma and a brisk clean taste that combines dry grass back notes and sweeter floral tones in the foreground.

Brewing Tips

Brew 3g (0.10 oz) in 250ml (8.5fl oz) water at 70℃ (160 F) for 3 minutes. Add more water for a second infusion.


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