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Floral Tea

Combining flower scent and tea essence

Floral Tea is the gem of tea that combines the taste of tea and fragrance of flower. The tea absorbs the fragrance of flowers, while the flower enhances the smell of tea, bringing out the best in each other. Floral Tea is re-processing tea. It is produced through smoking the tea and flower together and then removing the dry flowers after the tea absorbs the fragrance. Scented tea has a strong aroma. Having a sip of it, you’ll feel relaxed and refreshing. It also has the health-caring and nourishing functions.

Place of origin: Mainly produced in Sichuan, Yunnan, Hubei, and Hunan Province.

Tea processing: Tea basement absorbing the fragrance Spread, pile, sift and dry the flowers picked intraday to maintain and help them bloom, letting the flowers spread evenly and mix with tea basement in a certain proportion. Then pile and lay them, letting the tea basement absorb the fragrance continuously to the greatest extent.

Somking the flowers: Spread the flowers on the tea basement by layer, and then mix them evenly to smoke. There may be one smoking, three smoking, five or seven smoking. That is, it needs a batch of tea leaves (such as green tea) as raw material but 1-7 batches of flowers, letting the tea fully absorb the fragrance.

Drying: The tea basement absorbs fragrance as well as moisture in the smoking process.

Firing in drying process should be done immediately after the flowers are moved, it can keep moisture, stabilize the form and quality. Drying is done by iron pan, machine or roaster.

Scented tea boutique: Jasmine tea, rose tea, chrysanthemum (mainly Huangshan Tribute Chrysanthemum and Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum), Jinwuxing, Globeamaranth scented tea, and jasmine ring tea, etc.

Recognizing / Weight: The qualified tea has a rather heavy weight without impurities such as stalks or fragments; the inferior is lightweighted, allowing sorts of impurities.

Appearance: The qualified scented tea is tight, slim, round and straight in strip, dark green, uniformity and shiny. The tea with stick and distorted strips in dull yellow color is not good and might be the old tea.

Aroma: The qualified scented tea has a strong and mellow fragrance, and the inferior doesn't.

Effects of Floral Tea:

1. Chlorogenic acid and Vitamin C in the tea can make the skin become exquisite, white and glossy.

2. Tea polyphenol, Vitamin C and renieratene in the tea are radiation-proofing,decreasing the harm of radiation to the skin.

3. Catechin in the scented tea has the antibacterial, inflammation-diminishing and antioxidant functions, helpful for wound healing.

4. Many polyphenol substances in the tea can eliminate oral bacteria and keep the mouth clean,

5. Flowers contain many vitamins, protein, minerals,amino acid and saccharides. Its aromatic oil has the function of sedating and adjusting nerve system.

6. Drinking scented tea for a long-term can help dispel the freckle, ease thirst, lighten eyes, clear away toxin and adjust endocrine, etc.

Types of Floral Tea

Smoking Floral Tea: That is the Floral Tea. It takes green tea or Oolong tea as its tea basement, matched with the flowers that can vomit fragrance as raw material. It is produced through smoking techniques, such as jasmine tea, and osmanthus tea. Jasmine tea is the most representative.

Craft tea: It is a modeling scented tea made through bundling and modeling tea and dry flowers together and then drying them. The tea can bloom into beautiful shapes, swaying in the water, agile and elegant. It is of a highly visual value.

Herbal tea: It is the tea that is directly brewed with dry flowers. It has a certain function of beauty treatment or healthcare, such as rose, chamomile, etc

Choose your proper Floral Tea

Medical researches show that many scented teas have their medicinal value and certain suitable or unsuitable crowds. For example, begonia and wild chrysanthemum tea are rather cold, so those people with weak spleen and stomach are not suitable for drinking them. Chinese rose and safflower carthamus can invigorate the circulation of blood, so the pregnant must drink them cautiously. Traditional Chinese medical science also holds that, chrysanthemum tea which people always drink has the heat-clearing and detoxifying functions, but it is not suitable for those in a deficient yang (vital energy) physique condition. Therefore,one must know the functions of scented tea before drinking.

These flower tea really have the strong factor for your eyes and the taste buds. When it steep in hot water, the blossom unfurls to provide a beautiful floral display. Taste as good as they look.

The floral tea, which is the tea made by flowers or leaves of plants is a kind of reprocessed tea unique for China. Actually, the floral tea is just made by mixing the fragrant flowers with the tea leaves together, which could normally let the flower send out the aromatic substances, adopted by tea leaves. Besides the scent of itself, the floral tea also be integrated the fragrant of flower. As we can see that its tight knot and well-spaced in structure, yellow-green in color with lubrication. In addition, the interior of floral tea is rich and fresh with the obvious flower fragrance. Its tea water also looks pale-yellow, and which leaves is also very tender and bright. The floral tea is a kind of compound tea which is generally made by embryo of green tea, small quantities of black tea and Oolong tea to blend with flower tea. As for the different number of flower using and the various categories, it has distinctive height and feature of aroma. Among that, the fragrance of jasmine tea is the most thicker one, which is also the main product in our country. According to the varieties of flower, it could be divided into jasmine floral tea, magnolia floral tea, osmanthus floral tea, chloranthus floral tea, and etc.

In fact, the floral tea is a kind of tea unique to China, which not only has the thicker relish of tea leaves, but also has the rich flavor of flower. Just as the old saying said that: "Better fragrance, better tea favor". And also it is a tea with long history in our country. To drink the variety of floral tea, not could enhance the interests, but also could adopted some substance with the effect of disease curing. And the floral tea contains many substances such as polyphenols, which could use to get rid of the bacteria in the mouth, letting people breath like orchid with the effect of keeping in good health. So the floral tea is a kind of natural healthy drink. And of course, different floral tea has different health care function. So boys and girls, you could look for corresponding efficacy of floral tea to buy, according to your own needs. And just as the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine said that the floral tea is better if you drink by accident, but generally almost all of it could not drink for a long time with a large quantity. So you would better to make a scientific choice according to your own physical condition.