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Longjing/Lung Ching tea, also known as Dragon Well tea, is a famous variety of green tea grown in Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. This is the source of the irresistible Long Jing (Dragon Well) green tea, the best of which smells and tastes like an essence of chlorophyll and creamed hazelnuts. The leaves of Dragon Well are broad and flat, no longer than the average finger nail, and is very similar to the Japanese green tea, "Sencha". When steeped, the leaves open up revealing a very clean taste. Since ancient times, scene of West Lake and Longjing tea have long been described in quotes of famous literati. Su Dongpo said that "Good Tea as Pretty Lady", a high praise of West Lake Longjing. It is green in color, fragrant, and sweet with beautiful shape, and due to these four splendiferous characters, known in China and other countries.


Weight: 60 g (2.12 oz).

Includes: Tea Leaves, Packing Bag.

Quality Guarantee Period: 24 Months.

Home: Zhejiang/ Hangzhou

Leaf: Pale green mingled with yellow.

Brew: Vivid, with a hint of olive.

Brewing difficulty: Easy.

Best Season to taste: Summer.

Origin: Shifeng, Longjing, Wuyun Mountain, and Hupao Mountain of Hangzhou in Province. Among all of these places, Shifeng produces the best quality of tea.

Shape: top grade Longjing is flat and straight. It is yellow green, straight and smooth, and uniformed.

Liquid: yellow green, clear and bright.

Aroma: elegant and lofty, with hidden incense of fried beans or fragrance of orchid beans.

Taste: savoury and mellow, smelling like orchid with lasting faint scent.

Brewed tea leaves: yellow green, upright, and lively.

Recognizing: Dry tea is flat, green and yellow. The bud erects and is delicate as flowers. It touches smooth and looks pretty, and uniformed without pod pedicle or debris. Fake Longjing touches unsmooth, with more pod pedicle and the taste of green grass.

Scoop: The heavyweight champion of tea, and pride of Hangzhou, Dragon Well consistently ranks top three, if not first, in national appraisals. Early-picked Dragon Well, consisting of 70,000 leaves per kilo, is the highest grade of Dragon Well. There are twelve others, all eminently worth sampling. Longjing green tea:As we all know, it is very good for our health. On the one hand, Longjing green tea is good to digestion, reduce weight. And because there has some caffeine, inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid, aromatic substances and other compounds in the tea, which can regulate fat metabolism, especially Oolong tea has a good decomposition on protein and fat. Tea polyphenols and vitamin C can reduce cholesterol and blood fat, so drinking tea can reduce weight. And Helping people refreshing, promoting thinking, eliminating fatigue, and even improving the work efficiency. On the other hand, the Longjing green tea also has the role of strengthening heart, spasmolysis, relaxing smooth muscle, and it can also remove bronchospasm, promote the blood circulation, which is the good auxiliary drug of bronchial asthma, cough phlegm, myocardial infarction. As we all know that Longjing green tea has many tea polyphenols and vitamin C, which are good to promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis to prevent hardening of the arteries. So the people who often drink tea, the lower opportunity to got hypertension and coronary heart disease (CHD). And also the Longjing green tea is good to keep beauty: tea polyphenols is water soluble substances, using it to wash the eyelid can remove facial fat, convergence pores, with disinfection, sterilization, resist skin aging, reduce the ultraviolet ray in sunshine radiation damage to the skin effect and so on. Often drink Longjing green tea, which not olny an enjoyment for both material and spiritual, but also an effective way of fitness. I believe you can not miss it.

This tea, which is the most prestigious tea in China, is cultivated near Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province and renowned for its magnificent Lake of the West (Xi Hu). Today, because of its enormous popularity, the Long Jing appellation is overused. It is therefore important to differentiate between Xi Hu Long Jing and Zhejiang Long Jing. Grown in the region of origin, Xi Hu Long Jing teas are processed entirely by hand, from picking to final sifting. Zhejiang Long Jing teas are harvested throughout the province and are, for the most part picked by hand and processed mechanically. As this tea is the most frequently copied tea in China, it must be noted that the majority of Long Jing teas on the market ane produced outside the rcgion of origin and often even in other pnovinces.They ane also usually just poor imitations Most Xi Hu Long Jing teas ane grown on two facing mountain slopes, the famous Shi Feng ("Lion's Peak"), actual site of the village of Long jing, and Meijiawu, the neighboring village. The spring harvest is divided into two categories. The most prestigious is the imperial picking, known as ming qian, which takes place before the feast of Qingming, around March 20. Two weeks later it is the yu qian picking, which is also a high-quality harvest.

According to legend, around the year 250, a Taoist monk came across a dragon hiding in a well not far from Hangzhou. The peasants were praying night and day for the rains to return because a terrible drought was devastating the region. The monk told the villagers of his discovery, and they implored the dragon in the well to come to their aid. As soon as they started praying, clouds began to gather and it began to pour with rain. To commemorate the event, the tea and an ancient temple nearby were given the name "Dragon's Well."

Tasting notes: The tender green leaves harvested on the slopes of Shi Feng are of a classic long flat shape. Fine, notes of seaweed and raw scallops emanate from the steeped leaves. The jade-green liquid releases a gentle vegetal aroma. In the mouth, the herbaceous attack is fresh and slightly sweet The vegetal opening is full and followed by notes of green bean, cooked fennel and arugula in a gently unctuous stream. The finish is long in the mouth and mildly astringent, with a remarkable balance between sweetness and strength.

Tea ceremony: Middle-putting brewing method: put some tea in a cup and then a small amount of hot water, just immersing the tea. When the tea leaves stretch, add water to a 7/10 cup. You can also put a small amount of water into the cup first, and then tea, and finally pour more water to a 7/10 cup.

Water temperature: 80°C〜85°C.

Recommended infusion accessory: A zhong or small teapot..

Infusing West Lake Longjing in the bottom-putting brewing method with glass

Preparation of tea sets / glass, tea props, tea holder, tea basin, and tea towel.
Preparation of water / about 80℃ boiled water after cooling.
Selection of tea / West Lake Longjing tea.

1. Put tea in the tea holder.

2. Inject a small amount of hot water into glass, hold the bottom of the cup, slowly rotate the cup to keep the same temperature up and down, and then pour waste water into tea basin.

3. With a teaspoon put dry tea gently into the glass.

4. Pour 1/4 cup of water to immerse the tea.

5. Rotate glass to fully stretch tea leaves.

6. Rise the pot, let the water flow straight, and pull water up and down for three times with the use of wrist force till 7/10 cup to make tea turning in the water.

7. Watch fuzzes flying up and down through the glass, feeling lively and refreshing.

8. Smell its fragrance, watch its color, and then taste tea liquid.

About Tea

1 Transparent and deep glass is chosen to get the best view.

2 Glass should be cleaned thoroughly and spotless.

3 Hold the bottom of the cup or the nearby, not to leave fingerprints on the cup body, and thus to affect the view.

4 The cup with comparatively thicker bottom is suitable in case of scalding hand.

Yuqian Longjing and Mingqian Longjing

Long jing tea can be harvested several times a year, but the tea is especially valuable if picked in an early time. Mingqian Longjing is done before "Tomb-sweeping Day", highest grade in all kinds of tea. Mingqian Longjing is harvested before Grain Rain, also top tea. The tea picked in other times is inferior.

Anecdotes of "royal tea"

In the Qing Dynast, Emperor Qianlong made six tours to the region south of the Yangtze River. He went to the Longjing tea district four times, watched how the tea was harvested and made, and tasted tea and wrote poetry there. He brought Longjing tea back for Empress Dowager. After drinking the tea, her liver-fire disappeared. She praised Longjing tea as a panacea. Emperor Qianlong immediately issued an edict to give the 18 tea trees before the Hu Gong Temple an honour of "imperial tea", which then were collected and made tea every year exclusively for his mother. Since then, Longjing tea was renowned at home and abroad. People are searching for Longjing in an endless stream. Dragon Well Lung Ching Green Tea Dragon Well Lung Ching Green Tea Dragon Well Lung Ching Green Tea Dragon Well Lung Ching Green Tea Dragon Well Lung Ching Green Tea Dragon Well Lung Ching Green Tea Dragon Well Lung Ching Green Tea

Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

Very flavorful and fragrant, love it.
Best dragon well i ever tried!
Review by PAUL / (Posted on 7/21/2020)
Chinese loose leaf tea
I got to try something new and was actually surprised at the green teas. This is the first time I have had these green teas and I wasn't dissappointed. which is a fresh tasting tea guaranteed to put you in a good mood. I'v never been found of it but these were not bitter and actually enjoyable. I quickly found my favourites and I got friends to join in trying them. I'm looking forward to trying other tea. If you've never tried a Chinese loose leaf tea before, you have to try it.
Review by Gloria Molyneux / (Posted on 10/8/2019)
This is a wonderful thing
My all time favorite green tea! The aroma is very unique. Dragon well green tea is a simple tea to brew, and I love to observe the jade colored reflection from the cup. Dragon well green tea is both very flavorful, and pleasing to look at while drinking.Every time I drink green tea, I feel relaxed. This is a wonderful thing.
Review by Brett Wisniewski / (Posted on 1/22/2019)
really good.
Dragon well is one of my favorite green teas. This tea has a beautiful vivid green color, with a strong, fresh toasty vegetal scent. The steeped leaves open full and fast, clearly displaying it's leaf quality. A tasty and very affordable tea for everyday use, when you have time to chill out, and drink the tea slowly, so you could focus on the taste. Really good.
Review by Lucas Pellan / (Posted on 1/22/2019)
great tea
I love this tea. It's soft on the palate, light aroma and so far not bitter. I make it in a little tea-pot which has a strainer fitted, which is ideal. This pack of Tea is very well presented and a strong sealed bag provided to keep your green tea leaves fresh. I'm a very happy customer. Will definitely purchase again.
Review by mary murray / (Posted on 10/23/2018)
Absolutely love this tea
This tea is amazing! I love this tea! Good quality, reasonable price, great service!It's high quality, direct from country of origin, and very fresh. So glad I found it!
Review by Elisabeth Ridley / (Posted on 9/7/2018)
The Dragon Well tea is a fine affordable multi infusion tea.
We have Chinese tea every morning and over the past 35 years that amounts to many many cups of tea. We brew our tea with traditional Chinese method and that requires beginning with 'quality' tea. From time to time we are looking for a source for tea in the accessible American market. For that quality, you'd be paying many times this price. This is a good Dragon Well for the price, and good for two or three brews.
Review by Roland / (Posted on 4/21/2018)

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