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Drinking scented tea could have effect in replenishing a variety of vitamins and nutrients,and improving the function of human body through which lost health material will be supplemented. Let you enjoy a day in high spirit. Health is recuperated from inside to external.If you often feel tired in busy, do no want to talk, dizziness,cold feet and hand,loss of appetite, all that is because your body is in a state of sub-health. Those people who work in busy or their body in sub-health, often lack of blood, easy to get sick, and feel fatigue. At this time, we need a cup of Eight treasure tea to say goodbye to sub-health. Taking a cup of Eight treasure tea per day, keeping health in a good condition. Years always goes quietly at which hope you could do the best of yourself.


Weight: 8 G EACH BAG x 10 PIECES.

Includes: Ginseng, Chrysanthemum, Lily, Longan, Hawthorn, Red Dates, Chinese Wolfberry, Rock Sugar.

Quality Guarantee Period: 12 Months.


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so sweet and delicious
A gentle transformation you become overtaken by the beautiful Blend tea. It's so sweet and delicious too. My mother made her's how we'd normally drink it, with honey, but I had mine sweetened. She loves how sweet and delicate it is. I'm taken with it myself. I find these are really delicious tea and have enough fine teas to last me years.
Review by Vasiliy Synkov / (Posted on 4/25/2019)

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