Glass Tea Sets

Glass Tea Sets

If using glass tea sets, the tea would looks clear and attracting in color, tender and slender in texture and will float around during brewing. When the leaf stretches itself, you can see the whole picture, which is a kind of dynamic artistic appreciation. Especially when brewing famous tea, shining tea sets, vapor in the cup, freshness of the tea, and leaves unfolding will all give you a pleasant feeling and fun. Also, glass is economical, thus welcomed by most customers.

One unique thing about glass tea sets is that it is made by heat-resisting materials, so glass tea sets can be heated by candles or alcohol. Also, the transparent glass enables you to see the whole brewing process of tea and appreciate stretching movement of tea or herb or fruit. Glass does not have pores so it will not absorb the flavor of herb tea so that you can taste the original flavor 100%, in addition, glass tea sets are easy to clean and after cleaning, odor will not linger around. These kind of

glass tea sets is especially designed for herb tea and blooming tea, because the crystal-like fluid and the fresh-colored tea can let you fully enjoy the fun of it

We offer a range of glass tea sets that look simply amazing when served at any social occasion or dinner party. We've thought of glass tea sets for sensational sipping, sunrise to sunset. The combination of hand-made glass teapot and tea cups creates an entertaining spectacle that never fails to get a reaction, and the double-walled glass design keeps the outside cool or warm while insulating the hot or cold tea. The two layers of borosilicate glass create the illusion that the tea is ethereally suspended within your glass. Stunningly beautiful, these glass tea sets feature large, heat resistant teapot, and are accompanied by tea cups. It is a beautiful way to enjoy tea! Our glass tea sets make great gifts and are designed to appeal to a variety of tastes and budgets. With their transparency, will match absolutely any decor!

Time of drinking tea

Drink green tea in the morning

Tea is normally refreshing. Green tea is the most refreshing in the morning. For those who sleep late or get up early in morning, a cup of green tea is very helpful. After 2 to 3 cups, the sleepy and tired feeling will gradually disappear, and they are energetic to start one day's work and life.

Please note that in the morning, drinking green tea should precede the breakfast, and it!s better done half an hour to one hour after breakfast to avoid stomach irritation.

Drink scented tea in the afternoon

Afternoon tea is more popular in foreign countries and gains increasing popularity among the white-collar workers in China. Scented tea has a pleasantly fragrant flavor, and makes people have a sense of happiness. In the afternoon at weekends, you can invite a few friends and enjoy it.

Drink Pu’er tea in the evening

Pu'er tea, except a significant effect of weight loss, is helpful for digestion. To drink Pu'er tea after dinner can both eliminate weariness and help reduce the burden on the stomach. Of course, for patients suffered with insomnia or neurasthenia, they can drink less or don’t drink it.

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