Glass Teapot With Tin Plum

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This is the Glass Teapot With Tin Plum for those who want to make their tea perfectly. It is hand-made by the master of craftsmen using the finest quality and heat resistant glass. It is perfect for any kind of teas, the glass allows you to enjoy watching your tea leaves unfurl, you can watch the flowering tea bloom or experience the dance of tea leaves as they gently infuse. It is an excellent way to show your attractive tea! You will begin to enjoy every nuance of taste and aroma from your tea. Features large, made in heat resistant glass, so it won't hurt your hands or fingers. Place it on the teapot warmer to heat it up, you can enjoy the hot tea all day. And use the glass teapot is the most healthy way to brew tea. As it is made with thoughtful considerations because we chose the best high borosilicate environmentally-friendly glass which is temperature-resistant and can be heated on the fire. The Glass Teapot With Tin Plum is transparent and safe to use for it is unpoisonous. It is a beautiful way to enjoy tea!


Material: Glass and Tin.

Teapot: Diameter 8 cm (3.15 inches), Height 16 cm (6.3 inches), 700 ml (23.92 oz).

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an excellent teapot
The teapot arrived a week after I ordered and just in time because the teapot I was using for years finally cracked. I'm glad I found this replacement! I like that it's clear and bigger than my old pot. As per my headline, an excellent teapot. I like the crease in the spout that allows a perfect pour without spill. Really enjoy brewing loose tea, better quality and fun for teen and kids to make there own blends. Very easy to use. My 11 year olds are able to use it and clean it with no issues. Since they love tea in the winter time, this puts me at ease since they won't have to use the stove. One of my favorite purchases. Sweet teapot.
Review by Jessica Marie / (Posted on 12/17/2020)
perfect tea pot
I shopped long and hard to find the perfect tea pot, and finally chose this one, It is my favorite teapot that I purchased all year. If you are thinking of buying this, don't hesitate and buy it now! It is an exceptional value for teapot of very high quality and utility. If you are interested, the design on the tea pot is a plum blossom. In Chinese tradition, the plum blossom represents the vitality of life, endurance through hardship, and hope that life will regenerate. I also bought a matching cup in this store. I could not be more pleased.
Review by Grisham / (Posted on 10/15/2019)
excellent size for family to shar
It holds the heat nicely an the pot is an excellent size for family to share. It is a sturdy glass, just as shown, and it is well constructed. The handle is very long and the teapot stays cool despite being filled. You can rest assure that you won't be burned.due to the design of the spout I haven't had those moments where, when the teapot is completely full, the stream of tea overshoots the cup. I would buy this Teapot again for our home or for a gift. I highly recommend it!
Review by Abigail / (Posted on 9/29/2019)
This glass teapot is better than i expected. I can't believe what an incredible bargain this is. I haven't used it yet (just arrived) but it is beautiful. It is as good quality as the ones they sell at my local store, but the price is much reasonable here. I was so pleased with the set this is actually my second order, I gave the first one to a friend and she really like it.
Review by Baker / (Posted on 9/10/2019)

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