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Brewing difficulty: General difficulty.
Best season to taste: Summer.
Origin: Anxi County of Fujian Province.
Shape: tight and straight, tea stems is slender, golden color and shiny.
Liquid: bright golden yellow or light clear yellow.
Taste: mellow, fresh and cool, with the flavor of peach or pear, "high aroma comes first, and then the sweet taste".
Brewed tea leaves: thin, long, yellow and green in the middle and red around the edge.
Recognizing: The core feature of Huangjin Gui is that the dry tea leaves are very light and the colors of the tea leaves are already yellow before being picked. So the dry tea leaves are yellow and green. The liquid is golden and clear with the taste of peach or pear. It tastes fresh, cool and the aftertaste is sweet, and impressed by "sweet, unique and bright". The bottom of the leaves is slender with slight jags around the edge.
Water temperature: boiling water is proper. The best choice is pure water or mineral water.
Tea sets: ceramics and porcelain cups are better.
Infusion times: seven infusions are possible if in a right way.


Weight: 100 g (3.53 oz).

Includes: Tea Leaves, Packing Bag.

Quality Guarantee Period: 24 Months.

Gold Osmanthus Tea, is a kind of Oolong tea, which is made by tender tip of tea trees in the varieties of Huangdan. As its tea water present golden and its form look like osmanthus flowers, so named Gold Osmanthus Tea. As we seen, the leaves of Gold Osmanthus Tea are ellipse, leaf blade is thin, and germination rate is also very highly. And also the aroma of Gold Osmanthus Tea is elegant and sweet. If we drink the tea often, its not difficult to find that the aroma of Gold Osmanthus Tea is mixed with osmanthe, gardenia and pear flower,known as incense, strange, fresh. On the other side, Gold Osmanthus Tea also has effect on detoxification, keeping beauty, anti-aging, anti-cancer, and even make friends in a good mood.

Huangjin Gui (Gold Osmanthus Tea) is characterized with early germinating, harvesting and marketing, as well as "yellow, uniform and slender" shape and "sweet, unique and bright" quality. Above all, it smells high aroma.

High aroma comes first, and then the sweet taste

Huangjin Gui is the earliest to germinate and its aroma is extremely thick. Therefore it has the reputation of "Grain Rain Tea" "One early, two peculiars" "tea of high aroma". "One early" means that it is early germinated, harvested and launched into the market. "Two peculiars” refer to the "yellow, uniform and slender" shape and the "sweet, unique and bright" quality. Thus high aroma comes first, and then the sweet taste.

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