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Golden Bud Jin Jun Mei Tea: is native to ecological wild tea tree of Fujian Wuyi mountain nature reserve in an altitude of 1500 meters mountain. As you know, we only do the best quality. One kilo Gold Junmei are need at least thousands of tender leaps, which are all made by master’s full hand. So its tea absolutely the best one in black tea. And its tea stem appear tight and beauty, slightly villous; It present a golden color, and with yellow, black and white. Of course, if you have a close observe, you will find the smell like fruit honey, flowers, and such comprehensive scent. If you have a taste, you must could find its sweet and refreshing. After stretching, buds tender, presenting bronze-colored, fairly fantasy. And also its packing concise and noble, beauty and elegant of course, suitable for every situation. It is a kind of Lapsang Souchong in black tea. Gold Junmei tea is native to Paulownia Wuyishan city Fujian province. As its tea making procedure are all made by hand, and per 500 g of its tea are at least collect from thousands of tender tips, picking originally small kind of fresh buds in the Wuyi mountain nature preserve, and then through a series of complex wilting, wave processing steps such as green, fermentation, rolling to be completed, so its very precious. Gold Junmei tea is a rare treasure in tea, which appearance is fairly tiny and close, accompanied by golden tea cloth. And its tea soup looked as golden color, rich, clear, transparent and no acerbity feeling. After brewing, its tea leaves stretched naturally, and its color present bronze. Having a close watch, you may find the tea is oil embellish luster, uniform but not finely. At the same time, Gold Junmei tea has the role of Refreshing, eliminating exhausted, diuresis, anti-inflammatory sterilization, and detoxification. Of course, our tea packing are also very concise and noble. We believe this will be best present for festival or relatives.


Weight: 80 g (2.82 oz).

Includes: Tea Leaves, Packing Bag.

Quality Guarantee Period: 36 Months.

The Chemistry of Golden Bud Jin Jun Mei Tea

The leaves of the Camellia sinensis contain a number of chemicals (including amino-acids, carbohydrates, mineral ions, caffeine, and polyphenolic compounds) which give the tea its characteristic color and flavor. They also contain 75-80 percent water which, during the first withering stages of the manufacturing process, is reduced to 60-70 percent. During the fermentation (or oxidation) stage of oolong and black tea processing, the polyphenolic flavanols (or catechins) oxidize with oxygen in the air to create the unique flavor and color of the infused liquor. The firing (or drying) process deactivates the enzyme that causes the oxidation and also further reduce the water content to approximately 3 percent.

The aroma of Golden Bud Jin Jun Mei Tea is extremely complex. More than 550 chemicals have so far been identified, including hydrocarbons, alcohols, and acids. Most of these are formed during the manufacturing process and each chemical adds its own important qualities to the flavor of the tea through the drinker's sense of smell. The taste, however mainly results from the various polyphenolic compounds (popularly but incorrectly called tannins) modified by caffeine.

Caffeine is one of the most important constituents of tea. It acts as a mild stimulant and increases activity of the digestive juices. All types of tea - green, oolong, and black - contain caffeine, but in different quantities. Green tea has less than oolong, and oolong less than Golden Bud Jin Jun Mei Tea. It is generally estimated that an average cup of green tea contains 8.36 mg of caffeine, oolong tea has 12.55 mg, and Golden Bud Jin Jun Mei Tea tea 35-140 mg, whereas an average cup of coffee contains 60-120 mg. Therefore, those worried about their caffeine intake should drink the paler; lighter brews from green or oolong teas. It is also worth noting that whereas the caffeine in coffee is absorbed rapidly into the body, thus stimulating an immediate increase in blood circulation and cardio-vascular activity, the polyphenols in tea are thought to slow down the rate of absorption. The effects of the caffeine are felt more slowly but remain in the body for longer, thus making tea a much more refreshing and revitalizing beverage than coffee.

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Good stuff
I first bought this type of tea at a local tea shop and I love it. I am very happy to find that this tea is the same and good quality. I re-use them once, and the flavor is still good.
Review by Toology / (Posted on 7/11/2018)

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