Gongfu Tea Cups

Gongfu Tea Cups

Gongfu tea is one of the the tea custom of Han nationality, popularize in Chaoshan of Guangzhou, Zhangquan of Fujian. Of course, Gongfu tea is matched with tea cups perfectly. There has a four words incantations choosing tea cups: small, light, thin, and white. The tea customers often using the tea wares that bottom with white flat, blue flower and wide mouth. And the cup written “please collecting if a deep cup” should be precious. The Gongfu tea cups with white jade color, foiling the color of tea, will make the tea aroma be fully perfumed. And just as said just now, if it is deep, we could sip the water at a breath. In fact, the white but thin-walled porcelain tea cups is the best choices, which do not affect the color and tasty of tea, and convenient to clean.

And there is question may be raised: Why do Gongfu tea must be brewed by a small cup? With such a small cup to drink, it is difficult to quench thirsty. So let me to make a introduction for you as following:

Firstly, for Gongfu tea, only to drink slowly, could the verve of tea be tasted. So the cup will do small.

Second, the bubbling Gongfu tea is in a boiling hot, the small cup is convenient for heat dissipation.

Third, The Gongfu tea is too thick to drink, only drink in small sips could won't hurt a stomach.

Fourth, the charm of Gongfu tea is to taste. So the small cup will be the best choice. And just as the difference between beer and alcohol.

Fifth, the good tea is rare, so as the inferior tea in ordinary family. So using the small cup to serve guest, which neither injury valet, also take the saving start-up into account.

Sixth, For the Chinese tea culture, probably, the ancient has already thought the factor of the connotation of environmental protection and the rational and scientific utilization of water resources. Actually, the land of Chaoshan is more drought than other places, which is also reflected in the usual diet.

Seventh, It is easy to drunk if drink Gongfu tea over. So the small cup is to reduce the quantity completely.

Eighth, Gongfu tea ceremony is closely related with "Zen Master", however, the "zen" and "big" is always separated.

As we all know that the Gongfu tea is very popular in the area of Gongdong and Shantou. The more exquisite people is usually choose the small ceramic pot made in Yixing and the clay tea cups made of porcelain glaze, which diameter is just the size of silver, just like a small glass. Putting the little ceramic pot with water and Oolong tea cook on hibachis or small alcohol stove. After boiling, using tea pot to fill full of every small cup. And at this point, you could lift up the small cup to taste the aroma slowly. And for the step of enjoying tea, please pay attention not to fill a cup of tea one by one. You should fill in turn according to the quantity of cups. So, for the Gongfu tea, except the time we paid to bubble tea, we also need some time to enjoy the tea.

"Three pleasures" and "Four charms" of tasting Gongfu tea

Three pleasures

The first pleasure is tasting alone and feeling immortal, that means one stay alone among green mountain and clear water or in an elegant tearoom and has his mind wondering in universe feeling the ling the integration of soul and nature and forgetting the mortal world.

The second pleasure is that two friend tasting together, and delighted by the communication of soul instead words.

The third pleasure is that tasting together for obtaining wisdom. Confucius told us "if three of People tasting together can obtain lots of knowledge that we could not learn from books by communication and mutual-enlightenment.

Four charms

Du Jun, a poet of the Qing Dynasty, described in the preface of his poem contains "four charms": profound, tranquility, ethereality, and lofty. All this characters focus on aesthetic conception, is a summary of tea ceremony aesthetics and culture, and has nothing to do with material demand.

Lifting the daily material life into the cultural height, gongfu tea ceremony is the art of tea drinking and art of living and life.

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