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Brewing difficulty: Easy.
Best season to taste: Summer
Origin: Huoshan in Anhui Province
Shape: straight and slightly open, even, in shape of tongue of sparrow, tender green, covered with pekoes.
Liquid: yellowish green and clear, slightly with yellow circles.
Aroma: clean aroma with chestunt flavour.
Taste: heavy mellow and sweet.
Brewed tea leaves: tender yellow and bright.
Weight: 50 g (1.76 oz).
Recognizing: For the authentic Huoshan Yellow bud tea, people can feel sweet in tongue root after they get the tea down; otherwise, it is the fake tea. Its moisture is only about 5%, lower than other famous teas. It turns into powder when being rolled. The fake is not such dry. It smells clean aroma, flowery flavor, or chestnut flavor. The aroma varies with different climates in different places. Yellow bud tea has the flowery flavor in Wumijian, Bailianyan; clean aroma in Jinzhuping, Taiyangxiang flavor in Wuji Mountain, Dahuaping town.
Tea sets: glass.
Water temperature: about 80°C.


Praised as "fairy bud" in ancient times, now Huoshan Yellow bud tea is called budtea. It was listed as tribute tea in the Tang Dynasty and one of the 14 famous tribute teas then. In spite of not much output, Huoshan Yellow bud tea ranks first in China with its special fresh and tender taste and health care effect.

Huoshan Yellow bud tea in Shouzhou makes you healthy

Huoshan Yellow bud tea is top grade in teas and well known. Sima Qian recorded in his Chi (Historical Records) "drinking the Yellow buds in Shouchun Mountain could help people keep healthy". The yellow buds refer to Huoshan Yellow bud tea. Its quality derives from the fine natural conditions. It mainly grows in Jinji Mountain, Jinjiawan, and Wumijian at an altitude of 600 meters. Those places are endowed with heavy cloud and mist, sufficient rain, moist air big temperature difference between day and night, loose soil, and rich forests and teas, which are significantly suitable for the tea growth.

Huoshan Yellow bud tea going into Tibet

Praised as "fairy tips" in ancient times, Huoshan Yellow bud tea was listed as tribute tea in the Tang Dynasty,and one of the 14 famous top teas then. Princess Wencheng took Huoshan Yellow bud tea with her into Tibet. Qunfang Spectrum in the Ming Dynasty reads "Huoshan Yellow bud tea from Shouzhou is top grade". Despite not much output, Huoshan Yellow bud tea ranks among famous teas in China with special fresh and tender taste and health care effect.

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I like it very much
For my health, I have replaced liquor and coffee with tea, and my family is very happy to see me make these changes, because they are worried about my health recently. I gradually began to like the feeling that tea brought to me, I no longer felt tired every day, began to like every morning when the sun rose. I like to buy here very much, because the variety here is more complete than the supermarket, I don't need to waste a lot of time to go out to find my favorite tea, it is very convenient.
Review by Day / (Posted on 10/31/2019)
Excellent tea
It's the best tea I've ever drunk. It tastes delicious and tastes good. After drinking it, I will keep the fragrance in my mouth. I will buy it next time. It's a very good tea with good price performance and good packaging. Although the transportation is two days later than expected, I can forgive it.
Review by Sally / (Posted on 10/29/2019)
Infinite repo
I love afternoon tea very much, it can bring me a very good mood, it can relieve the trivial things to hit me trouble. So I often need to try and buy all kinds of new tea, I'll amazon, until one day I found umiteasets that its loose tea and various styles of tea can give I choose, I often see I like the tea set design, I will go to query their cultural background, therefore, my friends often poke fun at me is an expert in an afternoon tea.
Review by Sal / (Posted on 10/28/2019)
which I rather enjoyed, I thought I'd try this
I definitely prefer this unflavoured type, but expect the fact it is aged, adds to the taste. I am very pleased with this purchase and have enjoyed a couple of cups a day since my purchase. I tend to steep loose leaf tea a couple of times, reusing the leaves, and this tea makes a full flavoured second brew.
Review by Barb / (Posted on 7/12/2018)

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