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Jasmine flower is able to improve sleeping quality and release anxiety and has good effects on chronic gastritis and menstrual disorder. Tea made of jasmine flower and pink rose flower is good for slimming. A good dream, a cup of good flower tea. Hi beauties, the jasmine flower tea must be a healing to those stay up night and to those with icy hand. Jasmine tea is produced in China, mostly in the Fujian Province, and in Taiwan. This has been a favorite China tea since the days of the Song Dynasty (a.d. 960-1279). The beautifully sweet-smelling jasmine flowers are picked in the morning when they are fresh and they are kept cool during the day so that they do not open too soon. As the flowers start to open in the evening, they are piled next to the raw green, oolong, or black tea in very precise proportions. It takes about four hours for the tea to absorb the jasmine scent For ordinary grades, the tea is spread out and then repiled for a second and third scenting. For superior grades, the spreading and piling is carried out up to seven times over a month or so. The leaves are then refired to remove any moisture in the blossoms or the tea and the blossoms are either removed or they are mixed in to give the tea an attractive appearance. Sometimes, instead of being piled beside the tea, the flowers are layered with the raw tea in tea chests.


Weight: 50 g (1.76 oz).

Infusion of jasmine tea with tureen

Preparation of tea sets / tureen, tea holder, tea basin, tea caddy, and tea props
Selection of tea / jasmine tea

1.Inject some hot water into tureen and warm it, and then pour the water into tea basin.

2. Take tea from the tea caddy with teaspoon and put it in the tureen.

3. Flush to a 7/10 cup, and cover the lid.

4. Hold the cup holder with one hand and press the tureen lid with the other hand, making the tent edge tilting to smell.

5. Gently scrape tea liquid to get rid of tea leaves.

6. When drinking the tea, make the cover of tureen tilting, smell and then taste the tea.

Tea About

1 When drinking Tureen tea, women use the left hand to hold the cup holder and the right hand to tilt the cover, tasting tea. Men don't use a cup holder but hold the edge of tureen with the thumb and middle finger, press the tureen lid to make the cover tilting with the index finger, and then drink.

2 Scented tea is mainly produced in the Southern China, but those who drink scented tea are mostly the Northern residents. People from the South generally don't feel like enjoying a strong tea scent of flowers and bitter taste.

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The tea was really good
The tea was really good, tasted like regular jasmine tea and the flower was not as fancy as I expected,but that was okay too Other reviewers have said that it is weak but jasmine tea isn't supposed to have a strong flavor and I found it to be just right. The flowering effect was really neat to watch and I found it fun watching to see what it would turn into.
Review by Emir Causevic / (Posted on 4/9/2019)
Recommending to all friend
The jasmine Flower Tea is a nice tea. I really like it. It tastes really good. Perfect for a pick me up anytime. I will be a return customer and recommending to friends.
Review by Clare Curtis / (Posted on 9/8/2018)

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