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Liuan Guapian Tea, abbreviate called GuaPian, is one of top ten famous traditional tea in china history. As we all know that the tea originated from Anhui, Dabie mountain area. Liuan Guapian Tea is a kind of speciality of green tea, which has as a long history and rich cultural connotation. In all the tea of the world, Liuan Guapian Tea is the only tea without bud terrier, made by single leaf. The action of debudding is not only for keeppihng single chip form, and also for removing grass flavor. Terrier in the production process already lignification, after excluding, ensures that tea water is thick but not bitter, sweet and not dry. Liuan Guapian Tea is picked about ten days before and after every Guyu. When picking, take 2, 3 leaf, "and" not "tender". As for the shape of Liuan Guapian Tea, like a single chip of melon seeds, which naturally flat, margin slightly become warped, treasure green color and size is even, excluding shoot tips, tea stem is fresh and sweet, the tea water present clear and bright, and the green leaves are tender and delicacy. Liuan Guapian Tea is the best drink for quenching thirst, which could call on bright eye, refreshing oneself. And also it is very good for weight lossing and cleaning intestinal fat, detoxification, keeping beauty. Of course it is very good to eliminate fatigue and improve indigestion.


Weight: 60 g (2.12 oz).

Includes: Tea Leaves, Packing Bag.

Quality Guarantee Period: 24 Months.

Liu'an Guapian is one of the most famous teas in China. Its shape is like sunflower seed and it is made with a single leaf. Xu Cishu of Ming Dynasty wrote in his book About Tea, Tea-producing that "Excellent tea grows in famous hills. The warm southern part of China suits for tea growth. Liu'an ranks first..." Poet Li Bai of Tang Dynasty spoke highly of it "Water of Yangtze River, Tea from Qiyun Mountain peak."

Brewing difficulty: Easy.
Best season to taste: Summer
Origin: Liu'an, Jinzhai, Huoshan, etc. in Anhui Province.
Shape: single leaf like a sunflower seed, flat and uniform.
Liquid: apricot, bright, clean and clear. Aroma: fresh, strong aroma with fragrance of ripe chestnut.
Taste: sweet and mellow.
Brewed tea leaves: yellow and neatly shaped into a flower.
Recognizing: Liu'an Guapian is flat. Every piece of tea leave is without stem and bud. It shapes like sunflower seeds. It looks green and smooth and is overlapping upward slightly. The liquid is luminous green. It tastes sweet with strong aroma. Fake Li'an Guapian tastes bitter and the color is rather yellow.
Water temperature: boiling water of 85℃.
Amount of tea: 3 grams per cup is appropriate. Tea sets: porcelain and pottery wares are best, followed by glass.

Tea About

For Liu'an Guapian, two infusions are ok. First make the tea wet with a little water of 80℃ (boiling water will cause damage to the tea and make it taste bitter), then make the tea. Shaking can make full use of the aroma of tea and make the chemicals in tea fully dissolved into the liquid.

Tea origin

According to legend,around 1905, a tea evaluation master from one Tea Company of Liu'an picked the tender tea leaves from the top green tea he collected,discarding the old leaves and tea stems. As a new product, he sold it in the market and made good profits. A local tea company was inspired and discarded the tea stems directly, then fried the old and the tender separately. The color, smell and taste were very good. The tea is just like sunflower seeds, so it is called "slice". Later for being easy to read, it becomes Guapian. Liu An Gua Pian Tea Liu An Gua Pian Tea Liu An Gua Pian Tea Liu An Gua Pian Tea Liu An Gua Pian Tea Liu An Gua Pian Tea Liu An Gua Pian Tea Liu An Gua Pian Tea

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this was a great gift!
My brother has recently gotten into to drinking green tea, so I got him this for His birthday. but the intent is that you refresh it with water from a kettle if you want more than a single cup of tea. The smell of this green tea will also make people feel relaxed. Overall, this was a great gift!
Review by James / (Posted on 4/26/2019)
A fruity flavored very healthy green tea!
I love tea, I love trying new teas and this was a new one for me. When I opened the box I got that wonderful green tea leaf smell. I brewed a cup up. It came out a beautiful golden green color. The aroma coming off it was a sweet fruity peachy smell. I took a sip and it flowed smoothly over my tongue. It tastes a slight fruit green tea. I added a little sugar and the fruit notes opened up a little more but didn't overwhelm the wonderful taste of green tea. They are right, this is one everyone should have on hand in their kitchens at all times. This would be really good with a light breakfast or with a snack between meals. The health benefits alone should make you want to try it. It lowers your risk of cancer, lowers your blood pressure, lowers your bad ldl cholesterol, keeps your heart healthy, and help p s with weight management.
Review by Rhamy Marango / (Posted on 4/21/2018)

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