Magpie And Peach Blossom Glass Teapot

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This is the Magpie And Peach Blossom Glass Teapot for those who want to make their tea perfectly. It is hand-made by the master of craftsmen using the finest quality and heat resistant glass. It is perfect for any kind of teas, the glass allows you to enjoy watching your tea leaves unfurl, you can watch the flowering tea bloom or experience the dance of tea leaves as they gently infuse. It is an excellent way to show your attractive tea! You will begin to enjoy every nuance of taste and aroma from your tea. Features large, made in heat resistant glass, so it won't hurt your hands or fingers. Place it on the teapot warmer to heat it up, you can enjoy the hot tea all day. And use the glass teapot is the most healthy way to brew tea. As it is made with thoughtful considerations because we chose the best high borosilicate environmentally-friendly glass which is temperature-resistant and can be heated on the fire. The Magpie And Peach Blossom Glass Teapot is transparent and safe to use for it is unpoisonous. It is a beautiful way to enjoy tea!


Material: Glass.

Teapot: Length 15 cm (5.9 inches), Width 8 cm (3.1 inches), Height of Teapot 10 cm (3.94 inches), 900 ml (30.43 oz).

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Great products and deals
I got a few items including a clear glass teapot, a fairness cup and a couple of these beautiful Japanese tea cups. The hand painted tea cups I found here were the exact same ones I found on another online retailer but was so much cheaper! All the items arrived together and much quicker than I expected. I was worried about getting such delicate items in the post but all the items were individually packaged and were in perfect condition when they came (I ordered from the UK).
I will definitely buy from here again based on the quality and variety of the products specially. It's great for someone like me who loves all things related to tea!
Review by Aysh M / (Posted on 6/27/2021)
Fantastic! This tea pot is so pretty & easy to use, plus it said it can actually use on the induction cooker. I decided to try boiling the water in the teapot with the loose tea already added. I brought the water slowly to a boil, then turned the burner off, and let it steep for 10 minutes. It is really cool! Tea taste great. This worked better. Beautiful and practical. Beautiful pot though, and I'm sure it works well with tea flowers. Fortunately, even though it was delayed a couple of days, it arrived on time. I think this is a beautifully unique gift to give to just about anyone.
Review by Victoria Plant / (Posted on 12/17/2020)

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