Octagonal Cast Iron Teapot With Induction Cooker

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After a long period of use with Octagonal Cast Iron Teapot With Induction Cooker, the teapot will release iron elements which can be easily absorbed by human body and supplement the need of them, thus greatly help prevent anemia.

In the process of boiling or brewing tea, iron teapot could breaks down the elements of Fe2 +, which is doublet to increase the carrier of human hemoglobin, providing iron to the human body people needed. Very suitable for the anemia crowd with iron deficiency.

If you could use Octagonal Cast Iron Teapot With Induction Cooker in long-term, which can adjust central nervous, achieve smoothing effect, and also balance the endocrine system.

Iron elements can also soften water to make it more sweet and smooth. The flavor of water can be greatly enhanced, thus adding quality to your tea. You can enjoy a kind of freshness and pastoralism.


Material: Cast Iron.

Weight: 5 kg.

Includes: 1 Teapot, 1 Induction Cooker (You can set it on any temperature you want).

Teapot: 1100 ml (37.58 oz), Diameter 17 cm (6.69 inches), Height 20.5 cm (8.07 inches).

Induction Cooker: Diameter 17 cm (6.69 inches), Height 9.8 cm (3.86 inches).

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I really like this teapot.
I really like this teapot. Not too big, not too heavy but heavy enough to be reliably sturdy. Holds the heat well enough to never be a problem. Easy to clean easy to use and just great.I normally use it by pouring boiling water in it, with either teabags or tea leaves Once I used it directly on the Induction Cooker and it worked. But you need to be careful when using it, a bit hot.
Review by Erwin Pitsch / (Posted on 1/9/2019)
I like this tea pot
Delighted with my pot which is aesthetically pleasing and makes a fantastic and well flavoured cup of tea and holds its temperature well. I love it ! Keeps tea hot and looks very impressive.
Review by Lesley Yasmin McCallion / (Posted on 9/22/2018)

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