Puerh Tea Knife With Leather Case

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Pu'er tea needle is used in the brewing tea cake, brick tea, and Tuo tea etc.

Designed specially to pry Pu'er tea cake, brick tea and Tuo tea.

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Don’t pick the sharp tea needle. Try to avoid crumbling the cord of condensed tea.

1 First put Pu'er tea needle into the tea cake, and then pry up slowly, press the pried tea with your thumb to take tea.
2 Generally condensed tea is tightly and hard. Be careful in the process of prying and avoid being injured by tea needle.
3 When pry brick tea, you can insert the needle from the side of tea brick; when pry tea cakes, you can insert tea needle from the back center of the depression; when pry Tuo, pry the cord along the cake.
4 For the loose pressed tea, you had better not break it by hands. It is easy to make tea break down into pieces and not easy to steep up.


Size: Length 16 cm (6.29 inches).

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Puerh Tea Knife With Leather Case
I like to drink aged Pu-erh tea and it comes in a hard brick that I couldn't even smash with a hammer and awl, But this tool works great on my Puerh Tea cakes, I can easily cut the Pu'er tea. Really a practical thing. But because it is very sharp, you need to be careful when using it.
Review by Victoria Irby / (Posted on 3/12/2019)

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