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Meditation Sleeping Tea Blend - COLORFULTEA

Product Review (submitted on April 6, 2017):
Drinking tea becomes more and more popular in peoples' daily life. Of course, including myself!!

I love tea, especially with this cup of meditation sleeping tea. It also called to promote sleep tea, eliminate fatigue tea, improve sleep tea and so on. Its a herb tea able to meditate peacefully.

This tea blend contains five natural plants, scented jasmine tea, dried lily bulb, golden chamomile, osmanthus fragrans, Meicha (one kind of tea can secretion of melatonin).

The customer service staff said this five through scientific collocation combined together, can improve insomnia, forgetfulness, multiple dreams, poor quality of sleep, nervous tension, and also good for eyesight. They also say all this is a herbal formula and without other ingredients be added.

When making tea, it is also a visual enjoyment. Watching the flower show, dancing in the teapot, like watering the beautiful flower buds, watching the petals rise and fall.

In addition, if you like sweet food, you can also add some honey to your tea, then taste will be better!