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Ice Crack Geyao Gongfu Tea Set

Product Review (submitted on April 13, 2017):
The general sale of tea set, just to show a set of products( including the teapot cannot boil water directly). Most of the tea set needs to choose another kettle to boil water. But this tea set is very considerate in the sale of goods, the seller provides different types of choices, which can match two different kettle. With different styles, different prices, that can allow customers to choose according to their preferences, not to bother to search again. It was too thoughtful.

Its really convenient for me. I chose a tea set with a induction cooker, and just increase of $ 40. With this way to buy, is a more cost-effective mixed sales, is really convenient and easy.

Let me talk about the tea set I bought. This is a tea set made of Ge Kiln. It taken dragon ball as the modeling, mixed Chinese traditional auspicious dragon and cloud as an important design element, and had the Chinese style. And its classic is to configure the brilliant embossed as ornament.

There is also a characteristic, the tea pet of this tea set configuration will change color!!! In ordinary times, the color of the tea pet is black, and when we make some tea, then pour the hot water on the tea pet, it becomes green!! Wow~~!!! That's amazing, isn't it? It's also a fun activity when we brew our tea, really interesting.