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Yixing Purple Clay Dragon Fish Teapot

Product Review (submitted on April 6, 2017):
This isn't a teapot for your average tea drinker. You have to pretty serious to buy something like this. But I am a serious tea drinker and really like this Yixing teapot. I've been into Yixing teapots for about a year. I bought some cheaper entry level teapots. They were okay, but I eventually wanted to get some better quality Yixing teapots. This is my second teapot from China Wisdom and have been happy with both purchases. I can definitely tell the quality of their Yixing teapots over the others I've bought. Just like the other Yixing teapot I bought from China Wisdom. It actually comes with a few extras that aren't mentioned. With this particular teapot, it came in a nice cinch-able bag. A nice tea cloth was also included. There was also a foam coaster, nothing particularly fancy. It also came with two tea samples. A Wuyi Rock tea and Sheng Pu'er tea sample. One thing that I like that China Wisdom does is that they also sometimes include the artist's name as well. If you know where to look you can find more expensive Yixing teapots by re-known artists. But for me personally, I'm very happy with the quality of these Yixing teapots and plan to buy more as I slowly add to my collection.