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Japanese Style Mini Teapot

Product Review (submitted on December 18, 2020):
Great purchase! imply super adorable and cute! This is more awesome than I initially expected. I recently got into gong fu style tea brewing. These small volume pots with built in leaf filters make tons of sense, holds about a regular sized mugs worth of tea. This one will be perfect for more delicate tasting teas. These are really perfect for what I was looking for- to offer tea! They feel good to hold - smooth and slightly weighty. They are beautiful- the glaze has a subtle eggshell-quality sheen. Not sure why so many are upset by size. If you see the shape, you should always look into the size. I go to antique stores and look for Japanese Sake /Tea cups on regular, so I was used to the shape and size. They are so pretty. Highly recommend!