(Set Of Two) Color Changeable Swan Tea Pet

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(Set Of Two) Color Changeable Swan Tea Pet is a type of Chinese traditional craft which is keeping by tea lovers for adding interest to their tea time. The way that tea lovers nourish a tea pet is quite similar to the way that they nourish a Yixing clay teapot. It is an incredibly time-consuming process. You need often pour left-over tea liquid on this (Set Of Two )Color Changeable Swan Tea Pet, and use a tea brush to wipe the surface of the tea pet to help it absorbing the tea liquid evenly. Tea pet should be only rinsed with water and avoid use of soap or any dishwashing liquid, to ensure a progressive increase in the fragrance and color of the tea. After prolonged maintenance, months to years, the tea pet will absorb the tea, and the appearance of it will become glossier along with aroma of tea. Appreciating tea is not simply a process of brewing to quench thirst, but for the pleasure in the process. Arranging on the tea tray , and sharing the tea liquid with them adds to your pleasure.


Made Of: Resin.
Size: Diameter 10 cm (3.93 inches), Height 11 cm (4.33 inches).
Are you a tea lover? Do you have great passion for tea drinking? Then, look here. (Set Of Two) Color Changeable Swan Tea Pet will greatly increase your interest and happiness for your precious tea time!

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two swan tea pets.
I bought two swan tea pets. In contact with hot water it changes colour, It turned out to be black. When I poured the hot water up, it turned white. It made me feel amazing and beautiful. I am so happy to buy such a good thing.
Review by Sunja Ashworth / (Posted on 1/9/2019)

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