Stone Mill Automatic Gongfu Tea Set

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Gongfu tea is a kind of tea-enjoying customs in Chinese people. Now gongfu tea is famous around the world and use gongfu tea set to brew gongfu tea is a wonderful experience. Almost every Chinese household own a gongfu tea set to brew tea every day. If you want to enjoy your tea in gongfu tea ceremony. We highly recommend this stunningly beautiful Stone Mill Automatic Gongfu Tea Set for you to make your tea perfectly in gongfu tea ceremony, known for its beauty and artistry, with unique in design. It will bring you the experience of drinking tea in traditional Chinese gongfu tea ceremony. This gongfu tea set includes everything you can see in the image, so many items are included, so you will get every items you need to brew tea. Share your tea by this Stone Mill Automatic Gongfu Tea Set with your friends and families are perfect. You will begin to enjoy every nuance of taste and aroma from your tea. Using this gongfu tea set with tea tray, you will find yourself in extremely tranquil artistic mood while sipping a cup of excellent tea. It is great gift for friends and families, also look great on your shelf or desk!


Includes: 1 Teapot, 1 Fair Cup, 6 Tea Cups, 2 Aroma Cups, 1 Tea Pet, 1 Tea Utensil Set, 1 Tea Towl, 1 Tea Tray.

Dimension Of Teapot: 170 ml (5.75 oz), Height 8.6 cm (3.39 inches), Diameter 9.6 cm (3.78 inches).

Dimension Of Fair Cup: 160 ml (5.41 oz), Height 5 cm (1.97 inches), Diameter 13 cm (5.12 inches).

Dimension Of Aroma Cup: 45 ml (1.52 oz), Height 4.5 cm (1.77 inches), Diameter 5.8 cm (2.28 inches).

Dimension Of Tea Cup: 40 ml (1.35 oz), Height 2.8 cm (1.1 inches), Diameter 8.5 cm (3.35 inches).

Dimension Of Tea Tray: Height 6.5 cm (2.56 inches), Diameter 54 cm (21.26 inches), Width 34 cm (13.39 inches).


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Beautiful teaset. I love it
Beautiful tea set. I've seen a tea set quite like this one. Shipping was slow because of US customs, but it's not their fault. Packaging was very sturdy, they took great care to make sure it was protected. I look forward to buying another teaset as a gift for a friend from UmiTeaset.
Review by C Cheung / (Posted on 6/29/2020)
Favorite Tea Set
The teapot of this tea set is stone mill, which is a kind of Chinese ancient genre. With stone mill and calabash shape as the design highlights. It mixed the tea ceremony culture and exquisite workmanship, even the lines of the pattern are depicted in detail. Tea tray's material is Ke wood, with low density, light weight and good toughness. This tea tray surrounded by a metal buckle with decorative patterns, make the tea tray look steady and generous.

The tea set is made of coarse pottery material, and the texture of the coarse pottery shows the rough, vicissitudes and simple style. Use such unique tea set, make the ordinary tea experience more interesting. It let our tea table add life and vitality. The fair cup on the water outlet can automatically export tea, and let you in the noisy daily life can also experience the tea quiet.

The cup of tea set is very special, looks like half gourds. It carved with Chinese characters. We all like this kind of cup, even our dog "Albert" like it so much. When my family and I were drinking some tea, we also prepared something to drink for Albert. Of course, used with the same kind of cup, we deliberately left one for Albert. Even when we don't make tea, Albert's holding its exclusive cup to look for feed. In short, the tea set brings us too much fun.
Review by Iris / (Posted on 4/6/2017)

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