Glass Tea Cups

Glass tea cups, considering its name, is made by glass, and to be more specific, by high borosilicate glass. The glass has been fired under the temperature as high as 600 degrees Celsius. This is an eco-friendly teacup increasingly loved by people.

Glass cups allow you to see the 'dance' of tea or coffee clearly and enjoy it the fragrance more. Our glass tea cups and glass coffee cups are heat resisting and high quality. Give your table the perfect finishing touch with it!

Value for health:

Glass tea cups has good looking because it is transparent, but hard to preserve. So be careful when holding it. Actually, glass cup is the most healthy tea set because it does not contain organic chemicals and thus you do not need to worry about the harmful chemicals. Additionally, the smooth surface is easy for cleaning. All in all, using glass cups when drinking water is a safe and healthy was of life.

Cleaning process:

It is better if you clean it instantly after using it. If you are reluctant to do so, then at least you should clean it once everyday. You can clean it before going to bed and dry it clean by airing. You shall clean the mouth of the cup, the bottom of it as well as the the wall of it, especially the bottom, which tend to collect some bacteria and dust without regular cleaning and thus bring harmful elements into your body when drinking. Also, the lipstick stain on the mouth of the cup must be cleaned throughout. Flushing the cup with water is not enough to clean it, you had better use a a brush. Also, be cautious when using the dish detergent, which contains synthetic chemicals. So you shall fully clean it with water. If some cups have plenty of grease, stain or tea residue, you can squeeze some toothpaste on the brush to clean the cup. Since toothpaste contains detergent and small abradant to wipe off residues and do not damage the body of the cup at the same time.

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