Stainless Steel Cups

Stainless Steel Cups

In winter when cold air descends, people start to feel chilly. If there is a beautiful and durable stainless steel cup at hand, then it is really pleasant to have some hot tea whenever you want to. These days, stainless steel tea cups have become the product that can be used for leisure occasions, sports or during travels. Because it is light in weight, unlikely to be broken, very clean, can preserve heat for longer time and can made into various shapes, stainless steel cup is more and more popular among consumers.

Our stainless steel cups are steel, non-breakable, washable. No matter use for events, beer gardens, festivals, business or home. Replace single use plastic cups! And they are also a great addition for kitchenware.

Advantages of stainless steel Tea cups:

1. Healthy

These stainless steel cups are made by stainless steel, which during the using process will not generate bad elements or strange odor; additionally, its thermal insulation avoids repeated heating of water which is unhealthy for human body.

2. Fashionable

Together with the constant change of consumer's taste and with the constant progress of manufacturing technology, we have combined various fashionable factors with the design of the cup's appearance . Also we diversified the product line and produced exquisite goods to satisfy the need for fashion of consumers.

3. Environmental Protection

Using this kind of cup will effectively reduce the use of pollution caused by the discarding of disposable plastic containers and paper cups, and reduce the consumption petrol, wood and water caused by using plastic containers and paper cups. Meanwhile, stainless steel cups can maintain the temperature for a quite a long period of time, which reduce the electricity consumption of repeated heating. Additionally, disposable water bottles is a huge waste. If we use stainless steel cups instead, we can effectively reduce the water consumption and waste.

Stainless steel tea cups are healthy for your body, stylish and environmentally-friendly, so why not simply adopt this kind of cup? The most important thing is, using stainless steel tea cups when drinking water will do good to your body.

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