Yixing Tea Cups

Purple-clay has good breathability, so the taste of tea is hard to go bad and even becomes better!

These purple-clay tea cups are made by the purple-clay in the original place in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, which is entirely natural and does not contain any chemical manufactured products. So what are the benefits of Yixing purple-clay tea cups and how to preserve it?

Benefits of Yixing Tea Cups:

1. Tea brewed in this kind of cup will have better flavor, color and smell, which other kinds of tea sets cannot achieve. Even under the hear-wave in summer, the flavor of tea do not change a bit for several days.

2. The minerals and trace elements are contained in the purple-clay tea cups and is healthy to human's body.

3. The purple-clay tea cups look gorgeous and it is a practical kit. Also, it combines elegant style, practical uses and beautiful patterns. It is better if you keep it for a long time or give it to others as a high-class gift.

4. This cup is hard to wear even you use it for quite a long time. Conversely, it will become even more shining than the past due to the tea oil in the brewed tea, which makes your reluctant to give it away.

Daily Maintenance:

Only if you preserve the yixing tea cup for ages can you enjoy more fragrant tea. Also, the cup will look even brighter than ever before.

1. Before using a new tea cup, you shall pour clean water and tea in the cup and boil it on the shimmer for about half an hour to one hour. Remember, water must be fully contained in the cup in case of burst of the tea cup by high temperature. Or, you can dip the new cup in the brewed tea for 2 hours and air it in a dry, ventilated odor-free place.

2. When using an old tea cup to brew tea, you must flush the cup with hot water. After the drinking tea process, you have to throw away the residue in the cup, wash the cup with hot water and clean it.

3. The surface of the cup must maintain clean, both for old cups and new cups. You can clean them with hand or soft cloth, which can help them stay beautiful and shining. By doing that for a long time, you can even develop a kind of relationship with the cup , which is a very delightful thing.

4. Be careful when using the cup and do not break it up.