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  • Mao Xie Oolong Tea - COLORFULTEA + 3 Big Surprised Gifts
    Like many other Oolongs, this Southern Fujian Oolong should be prepared Gongfu style. This tea is similar to Ti Kwan Yin. It has a toasty and nutty taste with some slight fruity sweet aroma. The name of this tea comes from the downy hairs that cover its leaves. The Hairy Crab contains high concentrations of polyphenols; an agent shown to help reduce the risk of cancer as well as prevent heart diseases. Weight: 80 g (2.82 oz).
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  • Ginseng Oolong Tea - COLORFULTEA + 3 Big Surprised Gifts
    Ginseng Oolong Tea is made by Oolong tea in high level to mix with Ginseng. So it is not only retained the special tasty of Oolong, but also joined the sweet and nutrition of Ginseng. As we see, its tea smell great, and taste thick. Ginseng Oolong Tea, whose tea water present the color of bright orange, taste thick and special, giving you the feeling of strong, fruity. And its aroma with ginseng flavor and fragrance, refreshing and delicious.Ginseng Oolong Tea do well in pharmacological effect, especially in health care, dissolve fat to reduce weight, etc. Such as keeping beauty, thirst quenching, the effect of that makes person, can not only absorb American ginseng nourishing, and experience the elegant scent of Oolong tea. Weight: 180 g (6.35 oz).
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  • Bi Luo Chun Tea - COLORFULTEA + 3 Big Surprised Gifts
    Biluochun has a 1,000 year history. According to Casual Watching Record, "The tea growing in Dongting Mountain looks like mustard, is slender, and tastes very sweet and fragrant. And it's named after its extremely strong aroma." When Emperor Kangxi making his southern tour to Dongting, he drank the tea and loved the tea immediately. And he granted the tea the name of Biluochun, taking it from tight knots, being curled like snails and taken in early spring. Since then, Biluochun became a tributed tea and famous all over the world. Biluochun: "Biluochun" tea cube tight knot, and its curling as conch. And as you see, the tea leaves are very bright green and tender. After brewing, the tea slowly stretch, roaring up and down. And the tea water also very green, fragrance, tasting sweet, which was considered as tribute as early as the tang period. Biluochun, one of the most famous green tea in china. As we can see, the tea leaves is slender, and has a little curl, tea water is very green. After brewing, the tea tastes sweet and smells fragance. Drink green tea 10 grams every day, 30% of the physiological need iron can be obtained and also Zinc. The people who often often drink green tea to zinc intake 30 mg per day, more than not drinkers 16 mg. And the green tea contains abundant nutrients human body needed such as protein, vitamins and trace elements, etc. Green tea is suitable for neither men or women. Brewing Tips: Brew 5g (0.18oz) in 225ml (8 fl oz) water at 76℃(170℉) for 2 minutes. Strain and add more water to the leaves for a second and third infusion.
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  • Jin Jun Mei Tea - COLORFULTEA + 3 Big Surprised Gifts
    Brewing difficulty: Easy Best season to taste: Autumn Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province Shape: slim and tight strips, mostly in black color, slightly golden, with little fuzz. Liquid: golden yellow, crystal and clear. Aroma: There is a natural mixed scent of flower, fruit and honey. The aroma lasts long. Taste: mellow, sweet, cool and smooth, durable alpine charm. Brewed tea leaves: golden needle-liked shape, bronze. Recognizing: Jin Junmei tea is a branch of Wuyi Lapsang tea and is also China's top grade black tea. Jin Junmei is harvested from Tombsweeping Day to Grain Rain. It selects the tips of the original Lapsang buds as original materials. Every 500 gram of Jin Junmei needs 50-80 thousand of tip buds and all is made by manual rolling and non-smoking baking. Appearance: Jin Junmei's bud and body bone are small. The dry tea is rather thin and tight. Jin Junmei is made all by manual rolling, thus the shape is slightly curved. Liquid: Mainly orange, clear and bright. The inferior is red, turbid and dark. Brewed tea leaves: fresh, bright and bronze. The inferior is red brown. Tea charm: Jin Junmei is thick, soft, mellow and smooth. It taste not bitter and astringent and is resistant to infusion while the inferior is bitter and without tea charm. Brewing method: middle-putting brewing method is proper. Water: high quality of mountain spring water or purified water is better. Water temperature: 90℃ or so. Tea sets: tall glass is better, so that you can enjoy the fragrance and the beautiful shape of the tea buds stretching in the water. Flushing: in a low-flushing way to avoid the tea soup turning turbid. Brewing times: the real Jin Junmei can be brewed for 8 times at right water temperature and in a proper flushing way.
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  • Red Rose Black Tea - COLORFULTEA + 3 Big Surprised Gifts

    Rose Black Tea is a large-leafed black tea scented with rose petals. It produces a light golden liquor with a very gentle, sweet taste, and perfumed aroma. It should be served without milk to accompany light savory and sweet foods, or it may be enjoyed on its own as a refreshing and soothing drink. Rose Black Tea is made from fine black tea mixed with crushed red rose petals. When brewed this tea produces a reddish brown liquid with a sweet malt taste and a refreshing floral aroma. This is a superior black tea for all occasions. This lovely rose fragrance black tea is your perfect cup of afternoon tea!

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  • Dragon Well Lung Ching Green Tea - COLORFULTEA + 3 Big Surprised Gifts
    Longjing/Lung Ching tea, also known as Dragon Well tea, is a famous variety of green tea grown in Hangzhou in Zhejiang province. This is the source of the irresistible Long Jing (Dragon Well) green tea, the best of which smells and tastes like an essence of chlorophyll and creamed hazelnuts. The leaves of Dragon Well are broad and flat, no longer than the average finger nail, and is very similar to the Japanese green tea, "Sencha". When steeped, the leaves open up revealing a very clean taste. Since ancient times, scene of West Lake and Longjing tea have long been described in quotes of famous literati. Su Dongpo said that "Good Tea as Pretty Lady", a high praise of West Lake Longjing. It is green in color, fragrant, and sweet with beautiful shape, and due to these four splendiferous characters, known in China and other countries.
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  • Raw (Sheng) Puerh Tea - COLORFULTEA + 3 Big Surprised Gifts
    EYES - DRY LEAF: Dark, plum brown large leaves. NOSE - DRY LEAF: Baklava, fenugreek and leather. NOSE - WET LEAF: Sandalwood and dry figs. EYES - LIQUOR: Apricot orange. MOUTH - TEXTURE: Thick and syrupy. MOUTH - TASTE: Mineral start moving to pandan rice pudding with strawberry jam and jasmine. NOSE - EMPTY CUP: Warm, dry sand and sweet lillies. MOUTH - FINISH: Light and dry on top of tongue with sweet, juiciness underneath. EYES - WET LEAF: Large, soft, lizard green leaves. BODY SENSATION: Gentle, hazy energy. CULTIVAR: Da Ye Zhong ORIGIN: Xigui, Yunnan, China PICKING & PROCESSING:Bud and up to three or four leaves ELEVATION: 800m Weight: 100 g (3.5 oz).
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  • Xinhui Citrus Ripe Puerh Tea + 3 Big Surprised Gifts
    Very hot Puerh tea recently. It is made in Xinhui Citrus with Ripe Puerh Tea inside. Xinhui is located in China, which is famous of Citrus. Xinhui made the best citrus in the world. What's more, the Citrus inside come with the 8 year aged ripe Puerh tea. The ripe Puerh tea is high quality from Yunnan, China. Yunnan produce the BEST PUERH TEA in the world. With "TWO BEST" mixed, So this tea has the strong flavor of Citrus and Aged Puerh tea. It is very popular tea recently. Highly Recommend!!!
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