• 2018 New Spring Green Tea

    2018 New Spring Green Tea

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  • Gold Medal Huiming Tea
    Brewing difficulty: Easy Best season to taste: Autumn Original: Around HuiMing Temple and Village of Chimu maintain of Red Reclamation Area in Jingning - the ethnic minority group autonomous country. Shape: sturdy with tight knot,smooth green, fuzzy. Liquid: green and clear Aroma: kiyotaka. Taste: heavy and mellow taste, concentrated, resistant to infusions. Brewed tea leaves: delicate and bright. Weight: 100 g (3.53 oz) Recognizing: The shape is fat, tight and a little flat. The fresh leaves used to make tea are fat buds, tender leaves and one bud growing with one leaf. There is little white fuzz on the bud. The bud is ivory and slightly yellow. After being brewed, the liquid turns white, so it is also called "white tea." Brewing method: Top-putting brewing method is appropriate. Water temperature: 85℃ or so is better. Tea sets: usually glass is used.
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  • Zisun (Purple Bamboo Shoot) Tea from Mt. Guzhu
    Weight: 100 g (3.53 oz). Includes: Tea Leaves, Packing Bag. Quality Guarantee Period: 24 Months.
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  • Mengding Ganlu Tea
    Brewing difficulty: Easy Best season to taste: Summer Origin: Mengding Mountain of Mingshan County in Sichuan Province Shape: curl shape and obvious fuzzy tips. Liquid: yellow green and bright. Aroma: fresh, tender and fragrant. Taste: sweet and cool. Brewed tea leaves: yellow green and soft. Weight: 100 g (3.53 oz) Recognizing: There are various Mengding famous teas, such as Ganlu, Huangya, Shihua, Yuyechangchun and so on. Among them "Ganlu" is the best. Its quality characteristics are beautiful shape, uniform leaves, tight and curl fuzzy tips, tender and green color, thick aroma, and sweet taste. The liquid is yellow and green, clear and bright. And brewed tea leaves are even, fresh and bright. Brewing method: top-putting brewing method is appropriate. Water temperature: 75℃-85℃ is appropriate. Tea sets: porcelain and pottery wares are best, followed by the glass. Storage: Put Mengding Ganlu into the food packaging bags which is thick and with high density and high pressure without unusual smell. Then put them into the freezer or cold room. Temperature should be controlled between 3℃ to 6℃. Metal tins, boxes, cans and sealed bag are also appropriate. Place them in a cool dry place at a low temperature.
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