Tea Pets

Tea pet is also known as tea play, which is the pet nourished by tea, means wealth and fortune, auspicious, mainly be used to decorate and beautify the tea table. When people drink tea, they often dip some tea for pet painting, or directly drip it with leftover tea. Over time, pets can become warm, pleasant, emitting a good smell of tea. Many tea lovers have their own beloved tea pet.


Used to decorate and beautify the tea table, which is essential preference for tea enthusiasts, and it is also known as tea play.


Tea pet is purple sandy or fired ceramic clay crafts, and the texture of the purple sand tea pet is especially the best. The more nourished, the more spirituality the purple sand tea pet has.

Wise selection

Tea pet can be made into a variety of shapes, such as the hedgehog, dog, and Buddha and so on, according to personal preferences.

Tea pet can be set with tea table, tea sets and the suitable environment.

The best choice for pet is purple sandy texture, the more nourished, the more spiritual it is.


1 In the process of brewing tea and appreciating tea, it is a special kind of firn to share tea on the tea pet.

2 Purple sand tea pet can be directly washed by clean water or warm water, and it can also be cleaned by pot kept pen.

Appreciating tea is not simply a process of brewing to quench thirst, but for the pleasure in the process. Arranging tea pet on the tea tray, and sharing the tea liquid with them adds to your pleasure, like nourishing the pot. Most tea pets are made of purple-clay, such as the pig head, foot (symbolizing “always happy” because of the Chinese pronunciation of spider and foot), dogs, golden toads."

Of course, If it is a kind of crafts in high quality, exquisite in model, glossy in color, vivid in painting, the value of tea pet will be higher. The tea pet bought newly is usually a new purple color, in red, purple or white, and slightly dusting on the surface. So under this condition, you just using brush it by pen or pour tea water on it everyday is all right. When choosing a suitable tea pet, the absorption ability of tea set material and the style should be considered. According to yourself favorable, your could choose the best one for yourself. So, under the condition of giving attention to the beauty and interest, choosing the most suitable is very important.

Actually, the playful of tea pet bring to you is nothing but the participation to the process of enjoying tea. Like planting flowers, you have to do as many trifles as watering, pruning. But waiting to the flower blooming, the sense of satisfying also could not be said by words. Under the nourishing of tea water everyday, with the expectation and wishes in heart, you will never know the happiness bring by the foundation that suddenly the tea pet is full of lives.

Just as we said that the tea pet bought newly is a new purple color, in red, purple or white, and slightly dusting on the surface, giving you the feeling of civilizing. Bringing it back and putting it on the tea table, and if you could often pouring tea, or play it with hand, the color of tea pet which in a graze light will be presented gradually. And of course, the uneven surface will also be grind, the feel is also be more rounded. In the process of nourishing, you only need to pour by tea water, but not plain boiled water. Only in this way, the tea pet will be felt the smoothing of itself.

In other hand, not only the tea pet could be served as a playing object, also could be regarded a kind of special collection, which has a great value for collecting. At the time of free and tasteful, the life will inevitably be full full of fun and joy.

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