Tea Utensil Set With LED and Sandalwood Holder

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Tea utensil set is the tool for tea ceremony performance. And it is a set of tools that is used when brewing tea using traditional Chinese Gong Fu tea wares. This Tea Utensil Set With LED and Sandalwood Holder consists of tools for traditional Chinese tea brewing. The set includes all the tools that are housed by a wooden container.


This Tea Utensil Set With LED and Sandalwood Holder is a must for a Gongfu tea ceremony. The set includes: 1. a spoon/scoop to place the tea leaves in the brewing pot. This is essential, as the oils from your fingers could otherwise influence the taste of the tea. 2. a funnel to facilitate pouring tea from the brewing pot into the sharing pot/teapot without spilling. 3. Tweezers/tongs to lift the drinking cups and savor the tea's fragrance when they are too hot to handle. 4. a scraper to remove used tea from the brewing pot after use. 5. a poker to remove leaves that might have gotten caught in the spout of the brewing or teapot. 6. a needle to clean out the brewing pot. The Chinese call these tools the "Six Gentlemen." We recommend that you invite them to your next tea ceremony!

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Looks really cool
This is a cool product. I got it because I was sick of using a cheap burner. I love this incense burner. Smoke pours perfectly, Good supply of cones where they all smell good to me, which is a really nice surprise. The way the smoke comes down is so amazing to watch. The scent is so relaxing. I was not disappointed, this little monk works great.
Review by Laurie Klem / (Posted on 1/21/2021)

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