Japanese Teapots

Tea ceremony is very popular in Japan, which is deeply influenced by Chinese tea culture. So the small and exquisite of tea sets are the pursuit of Japanese. Although, more people will be surprised by the so small quantity when frying tea. As the Japanese tea sets what we can see are relatively small. With the evolution of history, the varieties of Japanese tea pots are increased day by day. And also its tea pots are of the specific value of artistic and aesthetic.

Thanks to the clever technician of Japan, various of art treasures are created. There are three major tea-producing area in Japan : Ashiya Mizuki, Tenmei, Kyoto. It is said that the teapot has no two are the completely same. In line with the spirit of craftsman, all of the Japanese teapot are made by hand. As for its style, its give priority to the Japanese Teapot with hand held and the ones with side fantasy.

Influenced by Chinese tea set, there are many different kinds of Japanese tea pot, which could be made by pottery, porcelain, lacquer, iron, bronze, wood, bamboo, and so on. On the other hand, the Japanese tea pot have a characteristics of mild curve and round, having both ornamental and using function. By contrast, the Japanese tea pot is not as diverse as Chinese tea pot. It has some trait of reserving, mostly are quietly pure and fresh in style, and simple but elegant in color, favoring to show the original face of the material.

There is vast collection of Japanese teapots suitable for various occasion. The shape and size of Japanese ceramic teapots makes it a popular choice for many. If you are tea lover or looking for Japanese teapots, with these antique Japanese teapots are a smart choice.

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