Unique Glass Fair Cup

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If you need to make tea a lot and drink tea whole day, a big tea cup will make it much easier for you to keep you happy. Our Unique Glass Fair Cup is Very Huge! An exceptional and stunning Unique Glass Fair Cup, it is typically a drinking vessel where teas are blended with boiling hot water to create a fresh drink. Nothing complements wonderful conversation better than a delicious cup of tea!

This Unique Glass Fair Cup is made to a high standard and are a great value. It is also great for churches, restaurants, guest houses, and for resale by tea and gift shops. Not only functional but also a beautiful piece to display. The Unique Glass Fair Cup holds a large amount of beverage and matches most tea pots.

Also Perfect for Using For display, or for Storing Your Favorite Tea and Coffee, This Giant Cup is Sure to Look Great, and Get Lots of Comments From Your Friends and Family! It will make a great decorating piece or gift also.


Material: Glass.

Weight: 0.195 kg.

Capacity: 250 ml (8.45 oz).

Dimension: Height 8 cm (3.15 inches), Width 10 cm (3.94 inches).

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Just what I was looking for!
It looks really nice, it's easy to clean. I dislike the handle, So I like this design very much… This little glass fair cup is beautifully designed and works perfectly! It’s not a showoff, so the color and clarity of the tea stays as the center of attention. The beak is thin, comes to a sharp “V” to fill small cups, doesn’t drip, and produces a coherent stream. The curved swell of the pitcher allows me to pour almost all of the tea into the drinking cups while leaving any fragments of the leaves to dump out.

Finally, because it’s glass, rather than raw clay, you can use it for the lightest green tea after having used it for the heaviest pu-erh without carrying the flavor from one kind of tea to the other; just wash it out with soap and a scrubby when you change the tea you’re drinking. I was very pleased with this product.
Review by Marion Lang / (Posted on 1/3/2021)

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