Water Steam Large Glass Teapot

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This is the Water Steam Large Glass Teapot for those who want to make their tea perfectly. It is hand-made by the master of craftsmen using the finest quality and heat resistant glass. It is perfect for any kind of teas, the glass allows you to enjoy watching your tea leaves unfurl, you can watch the flowering tea bloom or experience the dance of tea leaves as they gently infuse. It is an excellent way to show your attractive tea! You will begin to enjoy every nuance of taste and aroma from your tea. Features large, made in heat resistant glass, so it won't hurt your hands or fingers. Place it on the teapot warmer to heat it up, you can enjoy the hot tea all day. And use the glass teapot is the most healthy way to brew tea. As it is made with thoughtful considerations because we chose the best high borosilicate environmentally-friendly glass which is temperature-resistant and can be heated on the fire. The Water Steam Large Glass Teapot is transparent and safe to use for it is unpoisonous. It is a beautiful way to enjoy tea!


Material: Glass.

Teapot: Diameter 14 cm (5.51 inches), Height 16 cm (6.3 inches), 1200 ml (41 oz).

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This is my second pot. Love the sleek design of the tea pot and how hot my tea stays in it. I got this one as a replacement since I dropped and shattered the cap on the previous one. The pot has great quality and is very convenient and it is a glass pot.so keep that in mind. I would assume all glass is somewhat fragile and breaks if you hit it or bang it. I wouldn't mix it in the sink with other dishes or assume that it's going to survive endless bangs or knocks but it more than meets my expectations and it is gorgeous for blooming teas. So I bought one more, Was so pleased that I sent one as a gift to an elederly friend.
Review by Vivian / (Posted on 10/15/2019)
I bought a glass teapot for floral tea
I bought a glass teapot for Floral Tea, I sat the Floral Tea in the inner glass filter and poured boiling water into the pot. I then waited 3 to 4 minutes to let the tea brew completely. Since the teapot is glass it is easy to see when the tea is ready. I didn't have any problem with the tea going cold however if that were to happen I would just stick the teapot in the teapot warmers since it is teapot warmers safe. Beautifully decorated teapot and handle! I am truly only a very happy customer.
Review by Rachel Neild / (Posted on 8/20/2019)
a great tea pot
This teapot arrived in good time and was well packaged. Extremely easy to put together, take apart, clean and use again. Pleasing shape and size. I would have no hesitations in recommending this.
Review by Josiah Redman / (Posted on 10/20/2018)
A lovely Chinese teapot
This is a nice little glass teapot. It is nice to make a flower tea in if you like that kind of thing.
Or green tea, white tea, black tea, fruit tea or any tea in fact.
Obviously if you make a flower tea you can see it open.

You should use it with care. After all it is glass. You could drop the lid. Well of course it's going to break.
As the teapot would. So use it with care.
Review by Daniel / (Posted on 7/12/2018)

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