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Wuyi Narcissus Tea - COLORFULTEA

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Brewing difficulty: General difficulty
Best season to taste: Autumn
Origin: Fujian, Wuyishan.
Weight: 50 g (1.76 oz).
Shape: fat and tight strips, twisted edge, and shiny dark green color with white spots, it is figuratively like "dragonfly head, frog legs."
Liquid: clear and orange, while the color of the old tea is orange and red.
Aroma: rich, with orchid fragrance.
Taste: cool and sweet aftertaste.
Brewed tea leaves: thick and soft, green leaf with red trim or red speckles. The red edge is very obvious and covers a small half of the leaf.
Recognizing: Top grade of Wuyi Narcissus tea is straight and fat. The dry tea looks shiny and golden brown with few red speckles on the surface. There is hidden inlay red edge and it smells fragrant. But cases differ as to the inferior.
Tea sets: the purple sand teapot is preferred. Brewing method: Narcissus tea is resistant to infusion. Gongfu brewing method as well as simple way is ok.
Infusion times: Seven to ten more infusion later, there is still lingering aroma.


Wuyi Narcissus gains the fresh air of mountains and rivers, with beautiful color and fragrant flavor. In Wuyi tea producing areas, it's widespread that "Narcissus is the mellowest tea". It is famous for "good quality and great taste" and "more fragrance than any other kind of tea."


Wuyi Narcissus is picked by "the stretching faces". When the top shoots are stretching out, pick 3 to 4 leaves. It is generally picked for four seasons every year. That is, the spring tea: 2 to 3 days around the Grain Rain, the summer tea: 3 to 4 days before summer solstice, the autumn tea: 3 to 4 days before autumn begins, and the dew tea, after Cold Dew. There are 50 days of interval between each season.

Good quality and great taste

Wuyi Narcissus tea gains the fresh air of mountains and rivers, with beautiful color and fragrant flavor. It is known for "good quality and great taste" and "more fragrance than any other kind of tea". So it’s widespread that "Wuyi Narcissus is the mellowest tea" in Wuyi tea producing areas. Wuyi Narcissus Tea

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