Yixing Clay Tea Cup With Infuser And Stand

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Many tea connoisseurs would say that the Yixing Clay Tea Cup With Infuser And Stand is an indispensable item for a tea enthusiast's collection. The qualities that make them truly special are directly linked to the purple clay (ZiSha), found only in the Yixing, Jiangsu province of China, and the highly skilled craftspeople commissioned to create the cups. Yixing tea cup is considered by some connoisseurs as the best possible way to steep tea.

The following natural characteristics proof the Yixing Clay Tea Cup With Infuser And Stand was made by distinctive raw material:
1. Unique adsorption: Yixing Clay Tea Cup With Infuser And Stand's good ventilation also created another unique quality, which is the strong adsorption. It will continue to absorb tea aroma when tea cup is used, and after a long time, it will create a aroma. Therefore, the tea cup only can make the same type of tea to avoid flavor mixing, which affects its taste.
2. The more nourished, the more spiritual: For many appliances, the more you use, the older they are, but the more you use, the better the Yixing Clay Tea Cup With Infuser And Stand is. The set body will be more and more shiny, smooth, beautiful and mild after frequent cleaning.
3. Resist hot and cold temperature: Yixing Clay Tea Cup With Infuser And Stand is sandy and it transfers heat slow, so it has a good stability of hot and cold, even if burned directly on the stove, it will not be split.


Made of: Purple Clay.

Size: 470 ml or 15.89 oz, Width 17.1 cm (6.73"), Diameter 10.1 cm (3.97"), Height 13 cm (5.11").

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A Surprisingly Exceptional First visit to Umi Tea Sets
This was my first visit to Umi Tea Sets (and I'm currently looking on their site to add to my collection).
Customer Service was quick to respond and answered my questions professionally. Step 1 in easing my doubts. (You know how it can be ordering from a "new" to you website...)

My items arrived ahead of schedule and were so well packaged the box wouldn't have been damaged even if it was thrown on the floor! Now that's a surprising difference! And the tea cups were much more beautiful than in the photos. I wish I'd ordered more.

So today I was on their website looking for more beautiful teacups to add to my collection.

Overall, just an A+ experience, and I've been buying online since 2000! Hope they keep up the great product offering and service!
Review by WN Baldwin / (Posted on 6/27/2021)
Better than expected
I don't usually do reviews but I was impressed by the quality of this item. It comes in a very elegant gift box. The Clay cup pattern is very beautiful and very well with the stand. The bamboo shape handle design makes it very comfortable to hold without getting burned. The infuser sieve is made of purple clay which makes it very easy to clean. I like how the strainer is the same material as the cup other. I also like it better than some ceramic infusers as it is better at filtering out the tea solids. The lid does a great job of retaining heat. Overall a great product and worth the price. Would buy again.
Review by Idan R. / (Posted on 12/23/2020)

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