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  • Ru Kiln

    It uses the local unique ceramic raw material, adopts the traditional process which ru kiln produces to manufacture carefully, the burn becomes.

  • Blue And White Porcelain

    Blue and white porcelain enamel transparent water, tire, and the constitution thin white porcelain body apply to blue grain, simple but elegant, pure and fresh and full of life.

  • Plum

    Plum, bamboo, orchid and chrysanthemum, the so-called Four Men of Honor, the characters of which are highly admired by the Chinese people.

In theory, all one needs to make and enjoy tea is a teapot and a cup. This concept is far too minimalist for something as rich and sensuous as the tea ceremony. However, A full tea set consists of a tray, teapot, utensils, and cups. A kettle is also desirable, but is the only item not included in traditional sets, which are sold far and wide in teashop and teahouse alike, some expensive enough to make a millionaire hesitate, most costing less. Buy from, it is very affordable price, the absolute value for money!

The largest item in the set is the tea tray. Yours should be made of wood. They are ail slatted and hollow, to allow for the inevitable spillage entailed in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, other than that, the range and breadth of design is staggering. Most impressive are the massive, single piece wooden tea tables one finds in better teashops and houses. Equipped with their own tubing and drain, they are as unique in shape and color as the tree trunks from which they're hewn. Clay figurines such as frogs with coins in their mouths and jolly buddhas make for fun tea tray adornments, and will be found wherever tea sets here. Traditionally, excess tea and water is poured on them for propitiation and to attract luck.

Little refreshes a tired, dehydrated body more than tea, yet quaffing is frowned upon in the context of appreciation. In the best oriental spirit of "less is more", the vintage tea cup is capacious enough for only two or three swallows. Yet the delicate little cups are infinite in make and manufacture, patterned and plain, shiny and flat, glowing porcelain or simple glass, Whatever their style, one feature they all share is a lack of handle. This can lead to a little unnecessary spillage on the part of the novice Westerner. Keep in mind that holding such cups is a matter of using fingertips skillfully and a relaxed balance, rather than nervous gripping.

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