1999 Yiwu Mountain Wild Tea (Dark Blue Piao) – Tea Review - C

1999 Yiwu Mountain Wild Tea (Dark Blue Piao) – Tea Review - C

Zhou Yu: The liquor of this tea was light and loose, without much hui gan. The aroma was pleasant. I couldn't find much to fault in this tea, but I didn't note anything extraordinary either.

Lu Li Zhen: The flavor of this tea was a bit chaotic. Perhaps this was due to improper storage. The aroma was nice, though. It was also sweet at times. I usually don't prefer teas that are so unstable each time one drinks them.

Chen Zhi Tong: The storage of this tea seems good. It appears to be a typical Menghai product. It also tasted to me like an Autumn tea. The sensations in the mouth (cha yun) were rather monotonous, and didn't transform at all. Perhaps the tea is blended from a single region. The sensations in the mouth were smooth, but they seemed light and loose. I usually prefer more exciting yun. The sensations in the throat were also smooth and pleasant, though not strong and this suggested to me that it comes from wild tea trees.

Chen Gan Bang: The aroma of this tea was fresh and sweet. The liquor was dense and moist in the mouth. It often tasted and smelled of honey. I did find the amber-colored liquor stiff at times, however. I liked the fresh sweetness, but I found them a bit too light and loose. The cha yun was also too weak in the mouth and throat both, which left me feeling that tea was just average overall. It was easy to drink this tea, but not exciting enough to bring anyone great enjoyment.

He Jing Cheng: The liquor and flavor weren't bad in this tea. The leaves were tender and reddish, which may be as a result of a lata sa cheen (kill-green stage). The patience was good. I thought this tea was better than some and worse than some. I ranked it fifth.