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Tea Blends, Mixed Tea

Tea Blends

After the various stages of the manufacturing process, teas are either packed and marketed as "specialty" teas (also referred to as "single source" or "garden" teas) or they are blended with teas from other gardens or other producing areas or countries. This is because teas from single estates or plantations can, like wines, vary from year to year in flavor and quality, due to annual and seasonal variations in weather patterns and, sometimes, in production processes. This means that, for example, a 1996 Broken Orange Pekoe from Diyagama Estate in Sri Lanka may be different than the same grade from the same garden in 1997. Some connoisseurs prefer to only buy single source teas and enjoy these subtle variations from year to year. Other tea drinkers like to know that each time they buy a particular tea —for example, Darjeeling Second Flush, Ceylon BOR, English Breakfast— the brew will taste exactly the same. By blending together a number of different teas, packaging companies and retailers can guarantee the flavor and quality of that tea from year to year.

Tea blending is a work of art. Tea tasters sample hundreds of teas each day to find the necessary components for a particular blend and each blend may contain 7-10 different teas. Bulk blending to a given recipe is carried out in large drums to ensure even mixing before the contents are packaged into tea bags, packages, or caddies.

At now, more and more people like to drink one kind tea to mix with the other. So the Herbal tea also join the "mix and match" team. The tea blends emerges at the right moment. Actually, the benefit of Herbal tea to people’s health has been known since ancient time. As we all know that the flowers and plants is a product of nature, which could used to regulate body without any side effects. In spite of the herbal tea could not have an immediate effect as medicine. Yet, it can help us to achieve the balance of body and mind and the health, if we could make it through a certain means of combination and collocation.

Tea blends now has developed to a greatest love of fashionable people. There is one kind tea blends which includes rose floral tea, roselle, sweet-scented osmanthus, chrysanthemum tea, lavender, Honeysuckle tea and such floral tea. It is also a kind of special fun to see those tea leaves and flowers up and down. For those people who love to drink blends tea deeply, usually like to use several kinds of floral tea, looking very colorful. Of course, you also could make it after one’s own heart. But there is one thing must be pay attention to that is the rightly blends. So the knowledge of blend no-no should be mastered by every people drinking blend tea.

As a matter of fact that drinking blends tea is a kind of fashion. But it is important to note that each herbal tea has its unique medicinal properties, efficacy and knowledge of blends tea no-no. So you should drink it according to your own physical condition, can not blindly follow the fashion, especially for those blends tea compounds of herbal tea. So you should be more cautious to understand the medicinal properties weather has any inter-restriction or it will be harmful to health. Most of the edible plants and flowers are in a mild, cold, and even feature. When bleeding, those tea flowers in mild is best not to blend with those in cold feature. In addition, you should learn to distinguish your own physical condition, for example, for those people who are body heat, are more suitable for the floral tea in cold feature. Otherwise, for those people who are deficiency-cold, is more applied for the floral tea in mild or even feature.

Choosing the rightly blends tea, not only could release depression and pressure in soul level, but has the function of keeping beauty. Each cup one day, you must be got an unexpected surprise in long-term.