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Tea Utensil Sets

What is Tea Utensil Sets?

In the tea ceremony, the utensils of tea ceremony is essential , and is also call as tea utensil sets. Tea holder, tea needle, Cha Lou, tea clip, teaspoon, utensils container, these six are called as tea utensils set. Most of the tea utensil sets are made of bamboo and wood, because the bamboo is elegant and the wood texture is natural, which can complement the tea fragrance.

Tea Utensils Set

The Feature of Tea Utensil Sets

The utensil sets composed of six objects. Different objects have different feature.

1. Utensil Container: a vessel for holding tea utensils.

2. Teaspoon: to serve tea into the teapot, measure the amount of tea leaves and ensure the appropriate amount of tea when you put.

3. Cha Lou: you can put the cha lou on the on teapot when you put the tea into teapot, this utensil can prevent the tea leaves falling outside the teapot.

4. Tea Holder: This utensil tool is for you to take the tea leaves out of the tea caddy and putting it in the teapot. Before putting it in, it needs to be measured. Tea holders plays a role in measuring. It is most appropriate to use it to hold tea into the teapot.

5. Tea Clip: Use for taking the tea residue out of the teapot, and some people often use it to clip the tea cups and wash it hot water, which is safe and hygienic.

6. Tea Needle: the function of the tea needle is to clean the inner strainer and spout of the teapot to keep the water flowing smoothly. When the spout of the teapot is blocked by the tea, it is used to clean it.

Tea Utensils Set

The Style of Tea Utensil Sets

1. Bamboo Tea Utensil Sets: usually choose natural high-quality bamboo, hand grinding, natural carving, and carbonization in the surface to prevent corrosion damage. The bamboo tea utensil sets have elegant material and unique texture. It keep original state and are closer to nature.

2. Wooden Tea Utensil Sets: usually choose high-quality wood, such as sandalwood, rosewood, big red acid branch, black acid branch, etc. the wooden tea utensil sets is hard, fragrant and lasting, so it is considered to be the mascot that can ward off evil spirits.

3. Copper Tea Utensil Sets: usually made in brass, easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria, not moldy, strong and durable and luxurious.

4. Stainless Steel Tea Utensil Sets: Damascus thousand layer steel, 304 stainless steel and other materials can be selected, supplemented by solid wood combination, which is durable, practical and ornamental.

5. Tin Tea Utensil Sets: generally, pure tin is selected for manual casting, and exquisite hammer patterns are refined on the tin wares with good ductility, showing the beauty of classic crafts and artistic sense.

Tea Utensils Set

How to Select the Tea Utensil Sets?

1. When choosing the tea utensil sets, you should pay attention to the texture of bamboo and wood, no cracks. The color of the tea utensil should be harmonious with the color of the whole tea set.

2. The tea utensil sets have different kinds and functions, you can select according to your personal needs and preferences.

3. There are many metal tea utensil sets in the market. If you usually use porcelain tea sets, it is no problem. The surface of porcelain is hard and it is not easy to scratch. But if you use pottery, cast iron, glass tea sets, we are still recommend you to use bamboo and wood tea utensil sets to avoid scratching tea sets.

Tea Utensils Set

Use Tips

After use the tea utensil sets, it should be dried in time to avoid bacteria breeding. And do not put water into the tea utensils container.

Tea Utensils Set

How to Distinguish Different Tea Needles

The tea utensil sets refer to tea holder, tea needle, Cha Lou, tea clip, teaspoon and utensil container. Because there are two kinds of tea needles on the market, many people have misunderstandings in cognition.

The function of the tea needle in tea utensil set is to clean the inner strainer and spout of the teapot to keep the water flowing smoothly. When the spout of the teapot is blocked by the tea, it is used to clean it. However, when we buy tea needles in some places, we often see a kind of metal tea needle. In fact, this kind of needle is used to pry Pu'er tea and other brick tea. It can also be called "tea knife". It has high requirements on hardness, otherwise it can not pry the tea cake. And some people who often confuse the two kinds of tea needles.

Although both of them are called tea needles, their functions are different. If you must use metal tea needles to clean the filter holes of teapots, it is certainly possible. After all, the shapes are similar. But it is not easy to scratch the surface of the teapot if you clean the teapot with bamboo and wood tea needle, The surface hardness of purple clay teapot is lower than porcelain and ceramic teapot. So it is difficult for metal tea needles to scratch ceramic pots, but it is easy to scratch purple clay teapots. Purple clay hardness is lower than porcelain, so you should pay attention to distinguish when buying and using tea needles.

Tea Utensils Set